Westinghouse or Bryant?

peachiepieApril 16, 2009

Mr. RyanHughes and other learned professionals.

I have lurked here for about three weeks trying to soak up all the information I can about a new air conditioner. I hope you guys can help me with my decision.

First of all,

I am not trying for the tax credit because I cannot afford the systems needed to qualify. Having said that, here's what I am looking at: I have had a load calculation done and it shows that I could use an 80%, 3 ton, 13 seer, 100.000 btu system. Here're the quotes for a Westinghouse and a Bryant system for a 2000 sq. ft. 2 level/split foyer house in Georgia.


Condenser Unit Model# 113RNAO36000

Furnace Model# 310AAV03670

Evaporator Coil Model# CNRVT03617ATA



Condenser Unit Model# ES4BD-036KA

Furnace Model# FGSA-108C-35C

Evaporator Coil Model# C6BH-T36C-B


These are the three things I asked for based on reading this forum. Both systems come with R-410A refrigerant, digital thermostat and a high efficiency air filter as well as a technician that comes highly recommended.

Is there anything else you need to know? I would have thought the Westinghouse system would have been much less than $400 under the Bryant.

Are these good deals or can I do better? I have already turned down a Gibson and a Goodman installer though the price was much less.

Thanks so much.


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The Bryant doesn't use R-410A; that's an R-22 model. Should be 113ANA036. This is the builder model (not a bad unit, but I would prefer more coil protection and a 10-year compressor warranty found in the 123ANA036).

Not sure on Westinghouse products so I'll let someone else comment on that (Baldloonie most likely).

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Thanks for your response.

I failed to add that this will be a replacement system for a 30 plus year one that has served us well.

I will supply the installer with the info you mentioned to see what he comes up with.


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I think saving $400 (all else being equal) on the Westie is a great deal.

The Bryant 310 is the bottom of the line furnace. The 113 is the bottom of the line A/C. 5 year parts warranty on both. The A/C is pretty basic, exposed coil.

The FG7SA is a nice furnace with solid front for sound deadening. Lifetime heat exchanger warranty to original registered owner, 10 year parts. 10 year quality pledge so if the heat exchanger fails in 10 years the original owner gets a new furnace and labor allowance for install. Bryant owner gets a heat exchanger only and pays 100% to install. The ES4BD is the basic A/C but has a cabinet protecting the coil and most have swept wing fan blade that is quieter. 10 year parts & compressor warranty to original owner and 1 year replacement policy. .

If you ever wished you had variable speed blower, Westinghouse has a kit that you slide in and wire up to the board. Can't do that with anyone else!

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Thank you for responding Baldloonie. Seems your preference is for Westinghouse. I had someone give me a quote last year on a Westie but the price was a bit less. Could have been I was getting older product.

Is Westie a product you sell/install?

I noticed in your answer to me you listed FG7SA as the furnace model, but the one from the installer is FGSA. Is this the same furnace?

Additionally, is that a good installation price and do you think adding a variable speed blower would make the price much higher? I will go back and read some of the other posts to see what the variable speed does, though I know what variable means.

I appreciate all that you and ryanhughes are doing to help me buy a middle of the road system. The information I received here helped me to seem somewhat intelligent when I was speaking to the installer. He was surprised that I would know about SEERs, tonnange and BTU. I am grateful.


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We sell Tappan, same tier of Nordyne as Westinghouse. About as good as any, all have problems due to how cheaply things are built these days. I like the long warranty and we put a 10 year labor warranty on over 90% of our jobs.

Variable speed is nice. Constant fan runs at 50% of normal speed so it is inaudible and costs little to do. The motors are stronger and can compensate some for duct conditions or restrictive filters. They can be noisy though since they can push more air through undersized ducts than the standard motor. Nice thing about Westie and the rest of the family is the ability to later upgrade to VS with a kit. Right now there seems to be a bug in the VS board with respect to the dehumidify feature. Hopefully will be resolved soon before I want to use it on mine!

Furnaces have a series number. Current ones are 7. Last generation is 6. I don't think the G6 family had one ending in SA so I figured he meant FG7SA, the new one.

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Again, thanks Baldloonie for your info. Will you post a message when you feel the VS board is ready to go. I will probably go with the Westie if the installer can give me the 10 year warranty.

I will follow up tomorrow with the installer and have him verify the exact number so that I am not buying an older model.

I appreciate the info.


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This message is for Baldloonie.

I had my installer respond to the model number of the furnace that he would be installing and it does include the number 7, however, other things changed. Could you take a look at the new configuration and respond?

Furnace model# FG7SA072
Condenser Model# ES4BD036
Evap. Coil Model# C6BAX36

Would you recommend this system as configured?



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Change I see is a smaller furnace. Looks more in line for size of house than the 108K. Should be a good, economical system. Does he offer any extended warranties? Today's stuff, regardless of brand, doesn't hold up like the good old days. Since this has 10 year parts, he might offer a 10 year labor warranty through Nordyne or Equiguard.

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Hi Baldloonie,

He hasn't said anything about a labor warranty. I am trying to get him to get info about the 10 year parts one. Says it's 8 years. Told him no, it should be 10 years and that the brochure he gave me is probably a little dated since it shows 8.

So, what size is this furnace if it's not 100,000? I always thought 100,000 was a bit too much for my house. I am glad that you think it's a good economical system for my needs.

One more question. Since this is a smaller furnace, would you recommend a reduction in the quoted price to your client if you were selling the system? Just a thought.



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The smaller furnace does cost less so bid should be adjusted accordingly. 10 year parts to original registered owner is current. He can get a 10 year labor warranty from Nordyne or Equiguard. With any brand it is wise. We sell them just above cost to get people protected.

I cranked up my heat pump to cool tonight and got hot air. Gasp, found a wire loose! Getting cold in here!

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Thank you so much Baldloonie. If he and I can come together on a better price and warranty, I will allow him to do the job.

I really appreciate all of your help with this decision.

Wow, I can't wait to get a "new" cool going in my house (lol).

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