Crisco as a moistureizer

gemini40January 14, 2009

If you are in need of a good, inexpensive moistureizer may I present to you the best and least expensive "Crisco".

On the advice of many on another forum I tried it and love love love it!!

Just a pea size amount is all that is needed. And it does not cause breakdouts, blacheads or any other skin problems. Your skin feels so soft and it is not greasy. Wonderful on your cuticles too.

I have been using it for 3 three weeks now and my skin feels so soft.

Try it ,I bet you will be amazed as I was.


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Our weather is so very dry now, I'm surprised there's not a run on Crisco here!

Not greasy? I don't even like to dip my fingers in it to grease a pan, so I use a piece of paper towel or something. I know, I'm kinda weird.

Glad it's working for you, June. :)

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I have to admit that I have used it to remove make up when I was out of cold cream. Works great for that.

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Many years ago I read about a Hollywood star (think it was Doris Day) who slathered herself in shortening one night a week -- whole body. I remember thinking what a MESS that would make.

Wouldn't Crisco clog pores? I know the plain old Lubriderm I use says it is "non-comedogenic -- won't clog pores". (I like the type that contains lanolin.)

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Hey Granlan, use a cheap plastic baggie! Stick your hand inside and grease away. Peel it off inside out and toss.I think its better than a paper towel.
I'm weird too! LOL

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This is an old tip, but has been making the internet forum rounds lately.

I admit I tried it. But it didn't do much more than my regular shea butter hand cream, and I smelled like my mother's pie crusts. :(

It's cheap though!

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I mentioned using mineral oil on my face on another forum one time and you'd have thought I said "horse poop." People literally freaked out. *sigh*

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Has anyone ever tried it for dry feet? That's the part of me that can really soak up the moisturizer!

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Mineral oil??? Ewwwww . . . . . !!!


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Try coconut oil..not as CHEAP as Crisco..but definately MUCH better for you!!!!! It's solid at 76F and have to spoon a bit into your hand and let it start melting..
If you can use Virgin Coconut Oil(does smell like coconut though) or Cold Processed coconut oil.. has been deoderized so no smell.

It makes a great skin food. I rub it into my scalp and hair 2 x a week before I shower..keeps your scalp healthy and gives your hair volume to boot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Coconut Oil

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I had a resident (at my job, before retiring) who used Crisco for her face moisturizer every day, and had skin that resembled porcelain - aged 82 and just beautiful - very, very few wrinkles!

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kayjones, my mom's face was just like that. She passed away at 88 and she had the lovliest skin. One of the aides at the Senior Home commented to her once that she must have always taken good care of her skin and stayed out of the sun. Made Mom laugh because she spent her entire life as a farm wife, out in all kinds of weather doing chores, raising a big garden (yes, sun, suntan the whole works) and using absolutely nothing to keep her skin soft. She got all the good skin genes in the family, I think. I wish I could be so lucky :-)

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Nodakgal, glad I'm not the only 'weird' one. LOL

BTW, I have used a baggie before..whatever it takes to keep that yuck off my hands. ;)

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Try Almond oil for dry skin. It works great, absorbs quickly, and doesn't clog pores. Works great on dry heels, too, when I remember to use it!


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Years ago my sister tried using Crisco as a moisturizer at night and her cat woke her up in the middle of the night licking her face.
She said she would rather have dry skin.
She is almost 81 and has beautiful skin......a gene both she and I inherited.

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Bwaaahahaha Carol! That thought did cross my mind if I were to try it I didn't think it would be long and the dogs would be slurping it up!

After thinking of this all day I do remember my GF using it on her feet. She had Chemo and radiation after a masectomy. Her feet were awful! The bottoms and heels were horribly thick and dead skin and just about unbelievable! She said it was because the Chemo killed good cells and bad? She wouldn't wear flip flops for the longest time. Was going to a gal that did pedicures, for a soak and scrape like every week or so? Anyway, I think it was a nurse that told her at night, slather Crisco on your feet, wrap in Saran Wrap and put a pair of socks on over the Saran did soften them some, but she had, good gosh must have been 100 layers of dead skin or more on them. Awful and horrible doesn't even begin to describe them.

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Olive oil will work well on skin. Pat it around the eyes and rub on the backs of hands.

Doesn't the Crisco stink? What about staining clothing and sheets?

Mineral oil is a byproduct of distillation of gasoline. It is put in face cream because it is cheaper than the good oils like almond oil, lemon oil, jojoba, olive oil. The problem with mineral oil is that it is absorbed by the skin and them enters the body. This toxin then must be broken down and removed by the body. This wrecks havoc on the liver and other organs.

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I imagine Crisco would be about the same as using Vaseline. They aren't really "moisterizers" as they have little water in them. They act as a barrier to prevent moisture loss from the skin. They're better used on damp, fresh from a bath, skin.

That said, there are plenty of moisturizers out there that are inexpensive, work well, and don't get grease all over my sheets.

Crisco - pie crusts only in this house.

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Wonder if lard would work? LOL

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I've been using extra virgin olive oil as a makeup remover/moisterizer for several years (after I had a bad experience with not-my-usual-brand of vit. E oil) and I LOVE it.

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Let me clear up a few misconceptions some of you have of Crisco......There is no smell to it , none whatsoever . It is not greasy at all , if you use too much ...yes.
It does not clog your pores either. I think it is fantastic. Just wanted to clear up some of the perceptions people had about it. Have a great day!

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My legs have been so dry. I tried a pea sized amount last night. Wow.....what a difference. Thanks for the information.

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I've used Vaseline as a makeup remover and night cream since I was 11 years old. I went to a dermatologist in my 30's because my friends told me I was nuts. He asked "did you ever have a pimple or blemish?" I said, "never". He said "what do your friends know?!!!!"

In the winter, I slather my feet in it and sleep in socks. Wonderful, cheap stuff.

PS: Very few wrinkles on this face; I will be 58 in February.

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Forgot to mention, the Vaseline is the Petroleum Jelly version (not cream)

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About a year ago, someone mentioned using Noxzema as an anti-itch cream. I have a perennial itchy spot on my back (yes, I've had the doctor look at it and he says to not worry). This is the same Noxzema in a jar that your mom may have used to take off her makeup.

A couple of weeks ago, my lower legs were so dry and itching after I peeled off my clothes to go to bed and I thought of the Noxzema. I normally use Glove In a Bottle lotion, but decided I'd give the Noxzema a try. It worked really well! I've been using the GIAB after my shower in the morning and the Noxzema in the evenings and my skin looks lots better and doesn't itch.

Give it a try. It's water soluble so it should wash out of the sheets. And ... it's not too expensive!

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Terri, I second the coconut oil! I use a great coconut oil, shea and aloe cream on my hands. The Abricot Vanille and Blackberry Jam Tart scents are to die for.

The Crisco definitely smells when it heats up on your body. Sorry, but it did for me. Even my husband noticed it. But I had tried it on my legs and feet, so perhaps it was the amount of skin I used it on that made the smell so noticeable.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Coconut Hut Body Souffle

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Drewsmaga mentioned above using Olive oil as a make up remover. Olive oil with regular sugar makes the best ever facial scrub. I just put about 1/4 cup of sugar in a small butter tub, mix in enough olive oil to where it's still fairly thick. Rub a small amount around on your face with your fingers, then splash a little warm water on, and keep rubbing, the warm water melts the sugar. .then rinse it off and dry your face. You will be so surprised at how smooth your face will feel. I think it would make a great all over body scrub but the shower floor would be dangerously slick. I store it with the lid on the butter tub, a little bit lasts a long time. You can mix up just a small amount to try it, I think you will really be surprsied at how nice it is. .Debbie

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