Trying to choose a packaged unit

designergreyApril 2, 2011

I have two packaged units one of which was hit by lighting last season and pretty much it is fried.

So we are looking at new 3-ton, all-electric, 13-15 SEER units as replacements. Looking at the local companies available we have Carrier, Rheem, Bryant, American Standard, Trane and Lennox available from at least two dealers each. Can't seem to find a York dealer.

Besides the unit I am asking around locally which companies provide the best service and most knowledgeable installation and maintenance services.

Are there brands that make a better packaged electric/electric unit that we should focus on specifically?

Currently we have a 12 year old carrier packaged unit. I have been looking at some of the features of the new untis, larger filter options, humidity control, variable fan speeds...etc. Are there features that you are glad you went with. Being in the Southwest where it is very dry it would be nice to keep some moisture in the air.

Thanks in advance for your advice. A/C's are out of my realm of expertise so I will be reading the forum closely to see what the ins and outs are.

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just to be clear, you are looking for a heat pump package system or just straight AC package system?

post back.


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It needs to be a heat pump unit.

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Trane or American Std sgl stg heat pump with var speed blower. See attached link.

Here is a link that might be useful: American Std Pkg Heat Pump System

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Lotta good packaged units out there. Most brands offer higher SEER, 2 stage and variable speed compressors.

Now, when they talk about humidity control, they are talking about REMOVING it. Not keeping it or adding it!

In a dry climate, the variable speed blower can be run faster than typical for more airflow. That skews the cooling to more "sensible" which is heat removal vs "latent" which is humidity removal.

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