Can anyone pls. help? Crochet afghan granny squares

girlgroupgirlJune 3, 2006

Hey There:

I'm usually on GW on the garden forums, but I thought I'd visit you all to ask a crochet question.

I'd like to ask a friend to crochet a granny square afghan for me. It needs to fit a double bed, but we'll use it as a blanket, not just a topper so I'd like it queen size (more like a bedspread). I found sizes 93x93 or 96x96 as size examples.

What I do not know is the "average" size of a granny square, and how much yarn I would need to buy to complete the project. The entire thing would be one solid color: orange (vibrant, I know, but I have a monochromatic orange bedroom!!) so that at least eases the need to know how to calculate more than one color.

Can anyone pls. help me?



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It kind of depends on the pattern your friend picks for the squares. How loosely it is crocheted/if there are bobbles or other details that may eat up yarn/etc. Granny squares can be almost any size - 4,6,8,12 or whatever inches. I don't think there is a particular 'standard.'

You should be able to figure out how much yarn to buy if she makes one square to start. If my math is right, a 93*93 inch spread would require about 240 6 inch granny squares. So how ever many yards of yarn the square took, multiply that by 240 to get your total yardage and divide by the number of yards per skein.

If you try and figure all of that out before she makes a sample square, you run the risk of getting way too much yarn or not having enough and not being able to find more in the same color.

Good luck. I think the orange sounds cool.

Here is a link that might be useful: craftfetish blog

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Thank-you very much!

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Curious, since, if its going to be monochrome, would you consider any other pattern possibilities? Only thinking, putting together an entire bedspread of one color units will at some point bore them silly . . .

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