Question about Tilting Blocks Baby Blanket

razorbackfanJune 25, 2010

Has anyone knitted the Tilting Blocks Baby Blanket that is at the link below? I'm still fairly new to knitting; I have completed about 2 inches of the pattern, and the number of stitches comes out correctly for each row, but the block isn't "tilting" or angling diagonally at all. Am I doing something wrong, or does the tilting not take place until later in the pattern?

My concern is that what I have completed thus far just doesn't look like the picture! Any help, please?

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to online pattern

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I looked at the pattern you supplied. Lay part of what you knitted flat and look at the block that has he holes. Each row of holes should be one stitch over from the row before and on top of the single stitch like this, The k is the single stitch.


It may not be exactly like this depending which way the block is turned, but each hole should be on top of the single stitch on the row below

It is complicated to explain but I hope you get the idea

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Thank you, oilpainter, for taking the time to study the pattern. Your explanation makes perfect sense, but I just can't get that from the pattern the way it's written. I guess I just don't know how to read the pattern.

The website says: "The pattern shifts by one st every eight rows," but it looks to me like the pictured afghan shifts every row (like your explanation does).

I understand this pattern is actually developed from one in Barbara Walker's Second Treasure of Knitting Patterns, and I've requested that book from our public library. I'm not going to give up!! Thanks again for your time.

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I think you're just not far enough into the pattern maybe to see it. Sometimes it takes more than an couple of inches. Try for about a foot, then let us know if it looks right.


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An update: I feel a need to confess--when I first posted this question, I was convinced the pattern was mistaken (HA!) After your helpful comments, I took out what I had begun, really studied the Barbara Walker pattern (BTW, it was identical to the original pattern in the afghan), and then kept working on a short swatch until I figured out how I was messing up the SSK YO combination (that was my problem!)

Imagine that--it wasn't the pattern, it was MY mistake! Go figure! Oh, well--I guess that's why it's called "learning to knit!" I've restarted the afghan, and this time, I really can see the pattern forming already. Anyway, thanks for your help!

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Glad to hear it's working out! I've done the same thing lots of times...amazing what happens when you really read the instructions instead of skimming over them! LOL

I'd love to see a picture when it's done.

Do you live in ARK? I'm in central FL but have a friend here who is from ARK and a big Razorback fan.


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Actually, I grew up in Arkansas so I've been a Razorback fan all my life. Now I'm in TN (but I just can't bring myself to become a Vols fan!) :o)

Thanks for the encouragement on the pattern. I haven't posted pictures on the forum yet, but I know there are some instructions for how to do it.

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I always blame the pattern too! Usually it's not the pattern but the knitter (me, of course). But sometimes patterns ARE wrong, so don't always assume it's you.

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