Carrier Infinity vs. Luxaire vs. American Std Heat Pump

AmbersMomApril 20, 2013

I am replacing a 13 year old Carrier split system heat pump, which has done a fine job but now has a leaking coil. I am considering three quotes and could use some advice about which product is best. Price is not my major concern. This is a 2-story house with about 2,100 sq. ft.

First is a Carrier two-stage Infinity heat pump, 16 SEER, with Infinity variable speed air handling unit, 15 KW electric heat package, touch screen Infinity control, for $9,480.

Second is a Luxaire Acclimate 16 SEER heat pump, matching air handler, communicating control, for $6,000.

Third is an American Standard 15 SEER heat pump, variable speed air handler, Honeywell digital thermostat, 15 KW electric heat kit, for $6,450. This is not a two-stage heat pump; the sales guy said he would not recommend two-stage units for two story houses because the upper level usually stays hotter when the A/C is running.

Which unit do you like?

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Size please...

It would be nice to see all model numbers, both outside condenser and inside air handler.

While I don't know the Carrier size, I assume it is close if not the same to the York and AmStd. If true, their pricing is absurd.

Do you mind sharing location?

Post back.


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"the sales guy said he would not recommend two-stage units for two story houses because the upper level usually stays hotter when the A/C is running."

Simply not true with properly designed and balanced ductwork. In fact, low stage on most 2-stage units is really about 75-80% capacity, so not a huge drop down in airflow.

Size of existing equipment, size of proposed replacement equipment, and location would be good to know. Full model numbers are needed for an accurate comparison.

I like Trane/American Standard equipment. Your 13 year old coil started leaking most likely due to formicary corrosion (the copper forms pits over time and leaks), like most copper coils. Yours lasted longer than many do. Carrier is using tin-plated copper coils. The Luxaire/York air handler will have a traditional copper coil. Trane/American Standard use all-aluminum indoor coils and a reliable and accurate EEV (refrigerant metering device) for maximum reliability and comfort, which the others do not. For that reason, I would definitely lean toward the Heritage 15. Pair with best matching variable speed air handler (model AAM7). The Heritage 16 has a two-stage compressor. Depending on your home's load characteristic (total heat gain including sensible and latent capacity required), I would recommend it as an alternative over the Heritage 15.

Was a load calculation done by any company to determine sizing? You do not want the problems that come as a consequence of oversized equipment. Focus on finding the best company to do a proper installation, starting at proper equipment sizing and including following best practices.

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A load calculation was done and it said we need a 3-ton unit (location outside Philadelphia).

Here are the model numbers:
Carrier 25HNB636A003 Infinity heat pump
Carrier FE4ANF003T00, variable speed air handler

Luxaire quote did not give model numbers, just Luxaire Acclimate 3 ton 16 SEER heat pump with scroll technology, matching air handler, and electric backup heat.

American Std Gold XI, Heritage 15 heat pump, with variable speed air handler, platinum series. No model numbers.

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This is quite easy.

I will assume you are sized correctly.

Not only is the Carrier quote the highest, he hasn't even quoted the best choice air handler model. Toss him aside.

AmStd by far.

Here are the performance/efficiency numbers with model numbers for condenser and air handler.

4655317 Active Systems HERITAGE 15 AMERICAN STANDARD, INC. 4A6H5036G1 *AM7A0C36H31 36000 12.50 15.00 34600 9.25 21800 1 HRCU-A-CB Yes 284 718 Yes

Excellent heat pump and system.

Add the two stage Trane/AmStd 7/12 KW heat strip. Pay attention here.

I would want the 803 AmStd stat or identical model and less expensive HW Mdl 8321.

How do you filter your return air?


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I have a Space-Gard air cleaner which is going to be reused.

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Then you are good to go.

Please pay attention to my suggestions.

Good LucK!

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I am building a house and am offered a Trane 17 seer or Luxaire 17 seer, can anyone help with this decision?

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