POLL: What is your summer knit/crochet project?

kickypantsJune 28, 2007

I finally broke down and bought a ball of self striping Confetti sock yarn in colours for each family member and teeny tiny bamboo dpns. I'm about 3" into the cuff on the first one for my daughter.

When that gets too crazy, I'll work on crocheting a tote bag.

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I am finishing a crochet thread table topper, and I will probably make another one as I don't like this one all that well and it is smaller than I want. I am also trying to make wool socks for DS in NYC. I have one all done except for the kitchener closure. Also making layette things for friends--need to edge a Noah's ark flannel receiving blanket, some burp cloths, and booties for sure. I like to have something to do when I watch TV.

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1. Reversible hat for DS (stripes on one side, flames on the other, about 1/3 done)
2. Tiger striped socks (self striping yarn already purchased) for DD, GS#1 & GS#2 (due in August)
3. Flower petal baby blanket (knit)
4. Flower petal baby blanket (started, making it up as I go along)
5. Guatemalan Tapestry for a friend (started, about 1/2 done)
6. Pleats Galore circular baby blanket (started, about 1/3 done)
7. Fingerless gloves for SIL (yarn purchased)
8. Log Cabin knitted quilt (about 3/4 done)
9. Fiery Dragon Scarf for GS#1 (adorable! yarn purchased)

I need to quit starting things and finish some things, don't I?

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Why ruin a good thing Donna! Life is so boring if you work on just one-or two-or three things at a time;)

1)I am presently working on the Annie's Calendar bed Doll Cotillion-July pattern plus three other Barbie Dresses,-crochet
2) A Cotton top for me-yoke done-crochet
3)Six Chair Cushions-sewing Cut out and hanging over me to get them done
4)A Shamrock Quilt for my son-cutting out pieces still

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1. finished a lavender & white striped round ripple
2. working on a blue & white striped round ripple
3. finished an Incredible Ribbon poncho for DD with matching drawstring bag
4. finished a lacy-open poncho in Casual CotÂn for DD (before I found the Incredible bargain)
5. finished blue & white softee baby double diamond blanket (Bernat pattern)
6. ongoing afghan for my living room  when not working on anything else
7. baby bibs  cotton purchased
8. flower hooded baby blanket  cotton purchased (http://www.michaels.com/art/online/projectsheet?pid=25280)
9. spiderman round ripple  yarn purchased

  1. Incredible Ribbon poncho for ME! Â yarn purchased
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I feel better, seeing that everyone else has multiple projects! :) Here are mine:

1. scarf for friend for Christmas -- the multidirectional diagonal one, in Noro Kureyon

2. scarf for another friend for Christmas -- a really cool one in mitered squares, also in Noro Kureyon, another color

3. poncho for me in a really cool heathered yarn, Kathmandu Aran

4. fingerless mittens, also for me, I have a couple of yarns I'm deciding between

5. and finally, I have yarn for at least 2 pairs of socks, although I haven't begun them yet...

That seems like quite enough for a newbie :) but I'm always looking and picking up more yarn and finding more cool patterns. It really is an addiction, isn't it? :)

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Carol Ann
Just collecting the patterns is an addiction. You have to do more than a project at a time or you never get to use them all-not to mention that your doing one project and like the stitch pattern and you think-this would be great as-then your off designing your own thing and have all those projects:)
Personally I think it is these projects that have us out live men by more than 10 years-we have to get all of them finished!!!

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1) scramble to finish a cardigan for the county fair (3/4ths of one sleeve, construction and button band to go in a month!)

2) Sahara, from StitchDiva.com (yarn and pattern purchased, waiting to finish the cardi)

3) socks for my mother (yarn purchased... these'll go fast, they're on like size 4 dpns!)

4) cabled hat for my boyfriend (started, but languishing)

5) fingerless gloves (out of angora and wool, yay!!! pattern picked out)

6) Tubey, from Knitty (swatched and ready, waiting to be done with the cardi before I start)

7) Lisel, from Knitty (swatched and ready, waiting to finish cardi)

and a few others... but I gotta say, I NEED to finish that cardigan, I HATE working on just one project at once!!!

~ Kit

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An afghan for DS's GF who has fibromyalgia and needs to snuggle up.

Small Christmas afghan for Domestic Violence Center.

Afghan for homeless shelter.

I try to keep at least 3 going at any given time so I don't get bored. I need to try something different, other than my double crochet, which seems to draw a lot of attention at the Sr. Center crochet/knitting group. Maybe 'cause I'm left handed and they all watch in amazement :-)


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Oh -- Carol's post above reminded me -- I'm also working on a prayer shawl for my mother -- she's always cold and has had a rough year so I'm hoping this will be more than just physical comfort for her. I've misplaced my last skein of yarn for it, however, so it's at a standstill until that shows up :)

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Two Afghans , socks, sweater. I can't seem to find the time to get the last several inches on the sleeve finished. I wish it would rain so I'd be forced to stay inside.

My old computer finally gave up. Hubby bought me a new one, so now I can download and keep collecting more patterns. Thanks Donna for all the afghan patterns. Love them

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1. i finished a set of embroidered pillow cases that has been traveling with me for 5 years. just got in the mood to get them done. now i have to tackle the stains. any hints for getting out rust-- i have 4 needle holes!!!
2. am working on my first ever pair of socks!!!! i just turned the heel on the first one this morning. I followed the directions and it worked. On sock #2, i'll have to work
better on getting the gusset started right so i don't have a hole like in the first one.
I think i'll be knitting several paits of socks this sumeer to develop new skills (and use up yarn) finally something that will use up all those little bits and pieces and not look like its made from scraps.
3. got to work on a new baby afghan-- tracking down enough of the yarn will take a week or two--- cause its got to be just the right color.
4. now that fun fur is showing up on sale for really cheap., i'm going to finally make that fake fur afghan that i keep saying i will do. I'm thinking of it in black with
little tuffs of white-- like a reversed ermine. If i do it in white with black splotches it might be too much like 101 dalmatians. Got it planned on #8 needles, cast on 176 stitches, knit 20, purl 2 on one side, then purl 20 and knit 2 across the back. In theory it should leave me ridges that look like 'pelts' when i'm done.
5. i've got a afghan to finish to donate to the homeless shelter.
6. plot out a celtic knotwork design to make a set of pillow cases.


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1. Finishing a crochet baby blanket from 2 years ago (someone I know is pregnant).
2. Finishing a child's poncho, which was going to be a birthdy present in spring, but now will be a Christmas present.
3. Just started a shawl in various cream and soft pink colors.
4. Have yarn and pattern for summer sleeveless top (fat chance on that one).
Too busy outside gardening! Cutting wayyy back some junipers from the 1950's to make room for perennials in 99+ heat. Had to take a break inside in the a/c!

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Would you please post your celtic knotwork when you get to it. I would love to find a patters for those.

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Digger, look at the Carbona (SP?) laundry spot detergents in the grocery store. They are really good for removing specialized stains, and maybe they have one kind for removing rust stains. Their tomato sauce stain remover is great.

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I recently got a magic marker stain out of my DH pants with shaving cream and then a final application of GOOP. You can check this website that I've used in the past. It offers some great hints.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Clean Anything

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Digger, you might try Dawn dish soap too. It took a Rits dye stain out of a dress my sister had. It worked better than the dye remover.
Have any of you noticed how so many of our projects are for other people-I hope they all appreciate us!!!! :)
Happy 4th!

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digger - I've seen a lot of fun fur for sale at various dollar stores, some actually for $1.00.

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I just finished a shawl that I started last summer. I did as much ripping out as I did knitting on that one! I am thinking of trying it in jewel tones next.

I always have socks going, and dish cloths.

I have a sweater for my grandson started, half finished.

I just bought a tank top pattern in red white & blue, along with the yarn.

I have a crochet baby blanket that I REALLY need to get finished, shower in 2 weeks!

And a HUGE stash of yarn!

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finished the blue & white striped round ripple and the ribbon poncho for myself
stopped other projects since I wanted to do the spiderman round ripple
now back to the others

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I have two weddings to go to in October so I've been working on afghans as wedding presents. One is a lacy pattern that is done EXCEPT for the fringe - UGH. The other one is a new pattern (to me) and tho' it is easy, it is done on size 6 needles and is taking forever! In between I did some premie hats for Stitches from the Heart and some baby blanks for our prayer shawl group at church. I never leave home without my knitting!

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profsusan.... i to have been so busy... just got to catch up on these messages...i have made 7 wrap around jackets, 4 ponchos, 2 victorian vests, 7 newsboy hats,1 christmas wreath, and working on a pattern for a coat...6 pocketbooks. but i saw the spiderman blanket and i would love the pattern,my 4 year old grandson would love that.could you let me know if thats possible...thank you lois

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