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mpatel1080April 18, 2014

We are looking at building a new home which is 3500 square feet. The included HVAC system has separate Gas Furnace/AC unit for the first and second floors. The first floor is approximately 2000 sq feet and the second 1500. They haven't given me the specs of the equipment but I know it is 92% and 12 SEER. I am assuming the furnaces will be 80,000 and 100000 BTU and the AC units will be 2 and 2.5 tons.

I asked for the price to upgrade to Fully modulating furnaces and dual stage compressors on the AC units. The price they gave me is $11,200.

It is very hard to know how much this stuff is worth because there is very little price transparency Does this seem reasonable or is way too high?

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What is location?

You certainly don't need 180 KBTUs for a 3500 sq ft home assuming you have both quality building construction along with insulation properties.

GCs always take advantage of their customers in HVAC.

Request a load calculation in writing broken out for each zone.


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I don't know what BTU/tonnage they are using....I was just making an assumption based on my current home (which is probably oversized.

The main thing i want to know if the up charge for the modulating furnace and variable speed compressors is too high.

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If you want an informed opinion about the up charge cost, then you need to provide specifics on the base equipment in your contract.

And for second time, what is your location?


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Sorry...I am located in southern NY

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Do your own load-calc on each floor.

Here is a link that might be useful: Free online load-calc

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