Noro Kureyon -- web purchase?

Carol_AnnJune 7, 2007

I want to buy some Noro Kureyon from the web to get the color I want. I'm looking at The Knitting Garden (, Yarn Market (, and ( Has anyone ordered from any of these sites, and if so, were you pleased? I'm unfamiliar with all of these and would feel better about ordering from them if I knew they were reputable -- not that they look like they aren't, but it helps to get a recommendation. Thanks for any input!

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Carol Ann, I've ordered from Yarn Market before. Not yarn, but patterns. No problems. That's the only one I can comment on.

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I've ordered from Yarn Market also. Very good service and I would order from them again in a minute and I'm sure I will. What color Kureyon are you ordering if you don't mind me asking? I did a scarf in #95. I want to see that new one in shades of beige and cream it looks like. Not sure if I saw it on Yarn Market, but it is brand new and not on every site yet.

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I've ordered from both places with no problems. Webs gives a discount of 20% for orders over $60 and 25% for orders over $120. they also have some very good deals in their closeout and garage sale sections.

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A belated thanks -- I was all set to order and then got sidetracked and we left on a trip and I'm just back to catching up with knitting! I appreciate the feedback.

patty, I was looking for color 188 -- by chance I found it in a yarn shop so I didn't have to order it after all, but I saw some more colors I liked so I may be ordering online yet! I *love* 95 -- have you seen this purse (see link)? too cute!

Here is a link that might be useful: booga bag

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Carol Ann- The bag is gorgeous! I was in my local yarn shop the other day and there was a girl there with a Kureyon knitting bag she had felted. Don't know the color. I may have to try that someday. I am still looking for the new color #211- it looks to be white with all beiges on the net sites, but no one has it in yet either online or in yarn stores. I'm thinking of a vest.

Has anyone ordered from Abundant Yarn? I ordered 4 patterns from them 2 wks ago, got an email verification from them, but no patterns yet. Their site says they do not charge your card until they ship. Well, they charged mine the next day and still no patterns and no answer to an email I sent them inquiring about the order. I am NOT a happy camper.

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argh -- I don't know anything about Abundant Yarn, but I sure hope they come through for you!! Maybe they sent the patterns via pony express... although by now even that should have arrived! Good luck.... and thanks for the warning...

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