Sealing off large hole in heating duct

joe71April 7, 2011

I have large hole in my heat duct, where I removed an usused feeder duct. It is about 12" x 8". What is the best way to seal this. I currently have cardboard duct-taped to it. Should I just put a piece of sheet metal over it with some duct mastic as adhesive?


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A few fasteners would be a good idea.

1/4 inch long self tapping sheet metal would be fine.

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you don't want cardboard in this area.
go to a sheet metal shop and purchase a piece
of insulation and a piece of sheet metal sized slightly
larger than opening.
put trim the insulation to fit the sheet metal
use the 1/4" self tapping sheet metal screws to
attach well. then mastic seal.

best of luck.

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