Interesting new-to-me website--WikiGullet Project

BellsmomApril 2, 2014

I found this site searching for a reference Dcarch gave me in another thread. It looks really promising. It's been around a nearly a decade, I think, and many of you probably know about it, but it was new to me.

Here is a link to a particular discussion--Cookbooks 2014, for instance:

By the way, can someone tell me how to paste direct links in the text of a message. The only way I know to do this, like the link above, requires you to copy and paste. I have seen links in the text of messages before, so I know it can be done. I know how to use the method I did below, but I can only do one direct link in a post.

Here is a link that might be useful: And here is a link to the listing of EGullet Forums

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Yeah, Bellsmom, I found that site interesting too. :)

This is an old system and uses HTML code directly in your message writing box--NOT bulletin board code, which comes in square brackets, but HTML in angled brackets. Angle brackets on your keyboard are what you would call less than and greater than signs. You can't use them in normal posts because they're interpreted as code and will disappear. Using the code for this is a letter not a code, here is a template for what it should look like:

CRAP! That didn't work. It was okay on preview, translated the codes to text, then tried to run it.

Okay, in long form English:

less-than-sign a hef="YOUR LINK WITH HTTP:// HERE" greater-than-sign YOUR TEXT TO BE LINKED HERE less-than-sign /a greater-than-sign

You don't need any spaces except between a and href (anchor, hypertext reference)--and whatever belongs in the text part--but do need the equals and quote marks.

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Another view of the html code.
Btw, as pllog said, there should only be one space, between A and HREF, as shown.


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Wonderful, Sol.
I tried to do what Pillog said and couldn't make it work. This is so much better than mucking about with a pasted in address that has to be copied and repasted to use.

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Thanks, Sol!

Okay for the record (I don't care, but just to be clear), it's three l's. PLLLOG, though you could make one of them into a one if you knew which, because modern fonts are different. ;)

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No wonder I could never find you when I searched for Pillog! I made the first L an I (an "eye", not a "one"!)


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eGullet is one of the best food/cooking forum/websites. I've been a follower and sometimes participant for years.


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I saw your pictures when I was looking earlier, Ann. Everyone has such gorgeous photography. I'm not sure if it's "for me" but it's interesting.

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