Crocheting dish please.

itsmesuzqJune 6, 2005

I am new at crocheting (and I love it!) and I want to crochet some dish rags but I don't know what kind of cotton thread to buy. I want the dish rags to be the heavier kind so I'm thinking they have to be a certain weight cotton, is that right? After looking at the cotton threads on Joann's web site I'm nut sure which one to buy.

Can someone give some advice on which one is the best for this use?

Thanks so much. Oh, can I also just make them with a standard double crochet stitch, or is there a better stitch to use, since they will be used to wash dishes?


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I use the Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton. It is a worsted weight size. I think you are looking at the thin cotton thread used for lace tablecloths and doilies. Look at and see their Kitchen Cotton. It comes in many colors.

You can make the discloths any way you want. There are even entire books of dishcloth patterns with some pretty, and quite fancy, colorful designs.

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Sheilajoyce is right. There are several brands. I also like Sugar 'n Cream.

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Crocheting dishrags got me back into knitting. I admired some my daughter received and liked the way it cleaned. There's lots of patterns on the internet. I found I did like the knitted ones better than the crochet but crochet did go faster. Be careful with bright colors as I found that they tend to "bleed" when wet which is not good for dishrags. Have fun. I graduated to knitting sweaters but I will go back to crocheting. So many beautiful projects ahead --- sigh, sigh, sigh for enough time.

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Does Sugar 'n Cream bleed? I just got a booklet on knitting dish cloths, hoping to use up some Sugar 'n Cream I got a while ago to crochet potholders with. If it does, do you wash it a few times and then rinse with vinegar to set the colors?

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You could try washing them in cold water with salt & vinegar. It usually works with other color things, so it should work with that. I have only had a problem with red, dark green bleeding so far, but any strong color might.


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Hi! I found this old thread when I searched for info on knitting dish cloths.

I am going to try my hand at knitting (I did it about 25 years ago).

What needles would you recommend I start out with...i want to quickly graduate to socks, can I use circular bamboo needles for both? Or what is your recommendation?

thanks for any info at all!

Sherri W.

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I use size 10 needles for dishcloths. I think you could use circular if you don't connect for a round. Hope that makes sense. LOL

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rwisniew sense at all! ha! ha! Do you use circular needles for knitting socks? or are socks knitted "in the round" with 4 needles?

I suspect I am showing my lact of knowledge here, but this is how I start......

I might just back up a step and get the #10's and give the dish cloth a try..... :-)

Sherri W.

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Sherri - I have knit socks with circular needles. You need a short cable (just plain knitting in the round), a really LONG cable (for magic loop) or two circs (for the two circ method, which I don't know how it works). I knit flat on circs all the time, just don't join and turn my work, pretending that the needles aren't connected.

Susan - I have used Lion Cotton, Sugar and Cream, Peaches and Cream (this is essentially the same as Sugar and Cream, just found at Wal-Mart) and Bernat Cotton-tots. Out of all of them, I liked knitting with the cotton-tots the best, but Sugar/Peaches and Cream (which is very similar to Lion Cotton) scrub the best. I should also say that I have made dishcloths with crochet and knit with all of these yarns.

~ Kit

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Here are some free patterns.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dishcloth patterns

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