question about instructions?

katy122June 15, 2008

I am knitting myself a cardigan sweater, I have come to the part of shaping the shoulder...It says "At armhole edge bind off 6 sts twice, then 6 sts once." I have 18 sts left on needle, common sense tells me they are saying, "bind off 18 sts all on the "same row" this what I am reading or am I missing something. Thanks..

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At armhole edge bind off 6 stitches (you will be on a knit
row) then purl next row and when you get to arhole edge
again on the knit row bind off 6 stitches again (2nd time)
then purl next row then at armhole edge bind off 6 stitches
once. I am assuming you are doing stockinette stitch but
if you aren't then do in pattern.
Hope this makes sense. Good luck.

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Hey JJ...Thank you so much!!! That makes perfect sense, I am not doing a stockinette stitch but I understand what you mean,so much said for "common sense", I'm sure glad I asked before I went ahead. Sue

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