Is this a fair price for a Heat Pump / what electric box do Ineed

austintxacApril 22, 2013

The house is a 1300 square feet built in 2000 with single pane aluminum windows in the Austin Tx area. It's going to have the attic spray foams after the A/C system is installed. And I have a bid for a Kenmore Heat Pump Conditioner unit NXH524GKA and a FXM4X3000A with one heat strip for heat from sears. However, I've found it difficult to get any real data on this unit. I do have gas evaluable for a furnace, however with the spray foam in the attic these could cause problems. So I'm hoping to move over to the Heat Pump. It really doesn't get to cold here, and with my solar panels it should help with the electric bill.
The price for the complete swap (no duct work is needed) is $5800 for the unit and the install. Is this a fair price?

What type of electrical panel would I need to install this unit. With the house being built in 2000 it should work fine right, and is this a good heating and cooling options. I have a outside main breaker that states that the main breaker states 100, and it can go up to 125. Is that going to work for this unit with the heat strips? I'm sure I'm missing something.

I attached a picture of my main breaker.

Thank you so much for your knowledge.

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Looks like a member company of Nordyne family of HVAC.

Two ton condenser has been quoted.

What size do you currently have including size of heat strip?

I never ever recommend purchasing HVAC thru a big box store especially Sears. Usually a rip off.

I would suggest getting a quote on a Trane or AmStd.

I will not make a comment on your electrical service. Best to a qualified electrical company.

Best practices say on a heat pump system, condenser, air handler, and strip electric heat should all be placed on separate circuits.


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I am not sure I understand your post. Do you currently have a gas furnace in the attic and now you want to replace it with a heat pump because you are going to foam the roof deck? Are you sealing all the ventilation in the attic?

I agree with Tigerdunes. Sears installations are typically overpriced. The work is subcontracted out to an unknown HVAC contractor. Get some quotes from independent HVAC contractors.

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Thank you for your help, Yes the heat strip is going to be 7kw. And the attic will be air tight. I do have a furnace in that area today an I'm kind of thinking about getting a normal furnace and then just getting the heat pump outside. I think your right on the cost, I've looked online for the heat pump and heat strips / air handler. It seems to be only 3000 worth of equipment but its a full price of 5800. My god that is a mark up. What do you think.

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Anyone considering buying HVAC over the Internet should google the term "caveat emptor" before making that decision.


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I think you follow the advice I gave you in my previous post.

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What is the concern with having a gas furnace and a foam roof deck? Is it a real problem on imagery concern?

I am building a new home and planning to install a DF heat pump system. I am using a local HVAC company for the Instal and my builder has not expresses concern other than putting in a carbon dioxide detector in the attic.

The house will be constructed in southeastern Georgia

Should I be concerned and do something different?

Tom 627

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