Macrame cord info needed

ivamaeJune 30, 2012

I make many scubbies for our church bazaar fom macrame cord. The store we normally buy from, doesn't seem to be able to get it anymore. We call it 2 ply but every place I look on the internet has it listed in "mm" from 2, to 4, to 6. Has anyone any idea what I should be looking for? I'm in Canada, so would like to be able to find a supplier in Canada to make shipping easier.

any info appreciated.


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Google the brand name and such off the package you have and maybe you can find it that way. Macrame cord is very thick and heavy, didn't think it would be good for scrubbies. I made plant hangers with it back in the day and my Mom still has them. Mary!

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Good idea, except I don't have any of the wrappers.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Hope it is not jute like the original macrames from the 70's. Surely you are using some type of nylon or polyester cording. For scrubbies I'd use the smallest or 2mm. size. Just measure the thickness of the string you are using now, and get something close. The "mm" stands for millimeters on a metric ruler.


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I measured it and it appears that it is 2 mm. No, it is not jute. It comes in all colors and is really nice. I like the nylon netting scrubbies better but that has got quite expensive in Canada and it takes quite a bit of time to cut it and is very hard on old fingers to crochet. People are buying the macrame ones quickly, so as long as they sell, that is the important thing.

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Never heard of it but wold be curious to see it. Have not seen anything like that here in the states. Maybe the place you ordered from can give you a brand name and company from the packaging. Mary

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I have seen some really rough rug yarn. Check that out at the store next time you go.

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