Rmember the old afghan kits? Help!

tami_ohioJune 6, 2007

When my mom started crocheting, the only way she could buy what she needed was in kit form. She only did the "ripple" crochet afghan. She later learned to do one or two more patterns, but she usually stuck to the ripple. She is 71 and due to age, meds, or who knows what, has gotten it into her head that she can't make the ripple afghan without the "original" pattern. I have counted out the stitches and re-written the pattern from several of the the existing afghans, but she just can't get it right and is stuck on finding her pattern. She had one for a full size and one she got, I think, from J C Murphy Co. for a baby afghan she made while pregnant with me. All her ripples are single crochet.

Please, does anyone have those patterns? If I can find them for her, she will be very greatful, and so will I! I have been working on this for almost a year now. She managed to do one baby afghan from what I wrote down last summer, tho it turned out a bit smaller than the original. Now she can't even find that pattern. She has been tearing the house apart looking and driving dad & I crazy about this. I would be happy to pay for the patterns and postage if anyone can help.

Thanks in advance,


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Give me a minute or two to look Tami, I may have a ripple afghan pattern but I have to wade through my craft closet. If I do I'll email it to you. Does your email through my page on here work?

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Thank you Zipper! Yes my email thru here works. I will email you from here so you can have the actual address.


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Ok Tami, you have email ;0)

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I do not have a ripple kit pattern, but I have an old pattern book I bought in the late 60s or more probably the early 70s with a ripple pattern in it. Of course, I have a recent Leisure Arts ripple book with all sorts of versions of ripple, but my old pattern is all single crochet, quite simple, and is finished with a fringe, I believe, on the ends. Let me know via email (sheilajoyce@hotmail.com) if you want me to look it up for you.

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Thanks Sheila, Mom seems to be letting the pattern obsession slide for now. I gave her the one Zipper sent me yesterday. If I need more help, I will be sure to email you!

Thanks again

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