Matching cabinets to hardwood flooring?

gle18January 31, 2010

I think this is both a kitchen and flooring question.

I really need help with this please.

We are selling our home and want to put in hardwood flooring in our great room. The home is open concept so you see everything, kitchen, hallway, greatroom at most angles.

The cabinets are maple and stained with this rosy colour and once the light hits the kitchen, its like a combo of pinkish salmon with hints of honey. However, its light maple colour most of the time.

Do I need to match my hardwood with the cabinet colour? I have ceramic in the kitchen, so it does not need hardwood and the greatroom has the carpet. We are looking at light maple hardwood. Does anyone have any thoughts? I have to choose by tomorrow to get a tax credit!! Any ideas would really be appreciated!! Thanks

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Matching is the worst thing you can do. Your floor runs into your cabinets with no separator, so neither is a focal point. What you want to do is to coordinate. SOmething like Brazillian cherry sounds like it'd work with the redds of the spice maple cabinets.

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Gosh, unless you're in an unusual housing market, it's generally better to not do anything and offer money for new floors since potential buyers might prefer carpet or even tile. Not everyone loves wood floors. I'm not even sure it makes financial sense. You'd have to do the math with realistic numbers but I doubt any tax credit would make up for the expenditure and increased sale price.

Incidentally, exotic wood floors are a huge turn-off for me for environmental reasons. Wouldn't be attracted to that any more than an exotic fur coat.

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Matching floors and cabinetry is a temporary phenomenon, even if an exact match. They will age differently and become different and possibly clashing colors over time.

I vote to let the new buyers do the floor the way they want.

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Do not match for all the reasons live wire oak mentioned. Harmonize and coordinate, but don't match.

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I agree with the above, if you try to match it probably
won't. Wood is not like paint and can really be difficult
to match perfectly.
I would coordinate as Francoise47 and LiveWireOak said.

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