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laurenjayJune 23, 2011

I'm planning on buying a ball winder. My question is, "Do I also have to get a swift?" I've heard of people improvising with lampshades and other devices made with a lazy susan and coat hangers. I just don't want to spend the money on a swift but love the ball that the yarn winder makes.

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I don't use a swift because I rarely buy yarn that comes in a hank and needs winding. But I do have a ball winder on loan from my sister who has another one. I find it is great for rewinding the yarns I have hand balled after ripping out a project that I did not like or to reshape a partially used skein into a neater "cake."

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It can be done without a swift, but it's a whole lot easier and faster with one! If I need to use it in the RV, DH volunteers to hold the hank while I wind it. You can use the back of a straight back chair, but I find the yarn tangles badly. You will be much happier if you get the swift also. If you think it's too expensive new, check ebay.

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