where are the Hafele trash pedals?

scrappy25January 23, 2014

I got sold on these when reading some old threads on them, but now they seem to not really be sold anywhere except Amazon? Also there was a thread that they are only warranted when used on Hafele trash systems. Are these now discontinued?

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Could this be it? I know they changed/replaced the foot pedal design because the original broke (cracked) too easily.


Try calling them directly to find a dealer.

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that is a system with trash can and pedal. They used to sell the pedals separately for much less. Thanks for idea about calling.

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I had a lot of trouble with this too and ended up buying "not quite the right one" on Amazon to jerry-rig for our use (which we haven't done yet). I even contacted Hafele (by chat, not phone) and they were fairly useless.

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So the current listing (the only one that I can find) on Amazon is "not quite the right one"?
Not sure I can link it here but it's the only Hafele trash pedal listed. Why is it not quite the right one, are there different ones?

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Here is one, near bottom of page.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hafele hands free pedal

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Hmm. For some reason I feel I paid around $35 for ours. Was meaning to get DH (ahem) another one for Christmas but forgot. His birthday is this coming weekend, so I guess I could still get it for him (he'll be thrilled, as you can imagine), along with the motion sensor light activated switch for the garage I've been - I mean - we've been hoping for....

Other sources, anyone, for the foot pedals?

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