King Arthur Flour sale on candied fruit

BellsmomApril 5, 2014

King Arthur Flour's website has "European" candied lemon and orange peels on sale at $5 per 8 oz container. They are regularly $15.

I love them in scones and other breakfast goodies.

Here is how they describe the lemon peel:
"Our high-quality, unsulphured candied peel comes in smaller dice, is less sweet, and more finely flavored than more domestic candied fruits."

If you look at the site, also check out their large (20 oz) bag of mixed fruits. Delicious!. On sale, but only 30% off, not 60% like the peels.

Here is a link that might be useful: KAF European candied orange peel on sale

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CA Kate

Thank you for letting us know. I too like bits of these in some of my bakery.

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I strongly recommend the mixed fruits. (Going out on a limb here. Come on GWers! Are you gonna chop it off and say you hate 'em?)
Have you tried them? They are not AT ALL what I think of as fruit cake fruits, which are ugly gummy things. These are wonderful, as I said, in scones and other breakfast items including cereals, both cooked and not.

The only one of these three "candied" fruits with weak reviews is the candied lemon peel.

I agree, but I think all are a bargain at these prices.

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Thanks for the review, Bellsmom. I have not had candied fruit from King Arthur, only those nasty squares of unidentifiable "stuff" you get in a pint container around Christmas. I detest that, but I've been threatening to candy some citrus peel myself to see if that's better. This might be a more time efficient alternative, LOL.


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Read the reviews on KAF. This is really different. Not at all like the ugly fruit cake "junk".

I would suggest the orange peel instead of the lemon peel. But you might really want to try the mixed fruits.

Please let me/us know if you try either/any.

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This is a timely message..... I just used the last of my KAF candied orange peel (BTW, it keeps very well in the freezer). Back when I was still using wheat flour, I would add finely chopped candied orange peel to many different breads and quick breads, even adding some to raisin bread makes a delightful change. You really can't beat this excellent product. Didn't care that much for the lemon peel, however.


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I did dehydrate some meyer lemon peel and love it. Most i just bagged and froze for another batch. They have a very tender skin full of flavor. Love candied ginger. That batch is long gone. I only had madhava(sp) coconut sugar so it came out with a caramel flavor.
I should try a batch with regular organic sugar.

I also do not use as much sugar and just a touch of sea salt so it IS better than the over sweet stuff i often buy.

Sounds wonderful and a great price.

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KAF is now offering a $40 a year "membership" which includes free shipping on all orders over $25. There are other benefits as well, but this is a biggie. I would rack up $40 in shipping there in just a few months. Of course, they offer free shipping on orders over $60 pretty often, but sometimes I can't come up with a $60 order. A $25 order will be no problem--unfortunately :-)

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I took advantage of that "$40 a yr membership" when it was first offered back a couple months ago. I have already earned back the $40 and now feel I am home free. It is an automatic renewal one yr later, need to be on your toes and cancel if you do not want an additional yr. I usually stay away from automatic renewals. I do more and more online ordering of 'special things " .

For instance just recently CF had a discussion on Grade B maple syrup. I had finally gave up hunting for it in local grocery stores, I use it in a KA maple oatmeal bread
recipe. I think it was annie 92 or grainlady who said they ordered it online and froze the balance. Yep there it was on line....and it freezes well.

See all the knowledge here on CF!!


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