Lynn! Want to hear about the homecoming!

golddustSeptember 18, 2012

Lynn, I am so thrilled for you that your son is home. Please fill us in!

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Isn't he coming home today? Or was it yesterday? I am sure Lynn and family are enjoying many hugs, kisses, much laughter and even tears. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see her for a few days. I'm smiling myself just imagining the joy they are all feeling!

Enjoy Lynn! So happy for you and your family.


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OMG, I just now saw this! You are so thoughtful to think of us . . . thank you! Yes, DS flew home here Tuesday afternoon and our joy at having him back with us safe and sound is immeasurable. I thankfully remembered to wear waterproof mascara as I knew I would start crying the moment I saw him . . . which I did. I wish that I could show you all a pic of my sweet soldier son and I, but I can't. Be assured, though, that DH and I are spoiling the heck out of him! I made his favorite beef vegetable soup for him, which we had that first evening . . . comfort food, mom food, which he needed. He's spending a lot of time out on our front portal, sometimes with us and sometimes by himself, soaking up the peace of this place here in the mountains. It's taken a while for him to be able to really relax as he's spent the last year constantly on guard for danger, which sadly has been pretty constant especially these past three months. This past year he was awarded the Joint Service Commendation Medal, an in-field promotion and is now up for another (major) medal.
Last night he was off meeting up with his birthmom and her family and spent the night there with them. As most of you already know, his birth families have become close friends of ours over the years and we share him gladly with them now.
We have a few more favorite restaurants he wants to eat at, a few more of his friends he wants to see. Tomorrow morning he and his birth-uncle will scatter his birthfather's ashes at a special-to-them place somewhere in the mountains. It was his birthfather's last request before he passed from pancreatic cancer this past April.
Other than that, we'll probably just spend the time relaxing together out on our front portal.
Thank you for thinking about him. He's a good guy and I'm really proud of my son.

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How I feel about my son is summed up in the window decal on my car which says,
"Proud Army Mom . . . I raised an American Hero"

My son is not the only one, though, in my mind they're all American heroes!

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Sounds happy for all of you. Thank your son please, for those of us who are sitting home safe and warm and dry each day......

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Lynn--you have a very generous heart.

Loved reading your post.

Glad your sone is home safe and sound.

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I have goosebumps reading this and imagining your happiness.

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I am so happy for you all...there aren't words enough to express the joy that you have been so kind in sharing with us. Thank you. c

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I'm so happy to read your wonderful description of the homecoming and other events! Your heart must be overflowing with pride and love! I'm so glad he's home with you again.

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Thank you all for your kind words. I'm just seeing your posts now as we've been in Oklahoma visiting DD who's a freshman now at OU (University of Oklahoma). Having been able to hug both my kids and spend some special time with them has been fantastic.

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