Getting the thing finished!

sheilajoyce_gwMay 29, 2009

I have knit many Baby Surprise Jackets, and the one I am currently knitting seems to be taking forever. I had two skeins of Red Heart Camouflage worsted acrylic yarn that I did not know how to use. Then the girl who grew up next door came by for a visit with her children before they head off this summer to Rhode Island. They are a USMC family, and her 3 year old son is quite small for his age, as his parents are small too. So after they left, I decided to use that yarn for a size 3 BSJ. Well, I have had one thing after the other seem to make this project take forever. Now I am ready to seam the sleeves and then knit an i-cord trim and sew on the buttons. I will be glad when it is finished. I just hope it is not too big for him when they move to a colder climate next fall. Don't know why I am feeling this way about this sweater, but there it is. Will be glad when it is done and relieved if I truly like how it looks.

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I bet it will be great and I hope you post a pic of it when you are done.
I know how you feel I decided to try my hand at knitting a sweater my first one so I chose a simple pattern tha has diffrent blocks of color . I got the sleves done and the front up to the neck and cant seem to bring my self to finish it. I think I am afraid I will mess up the neck or somthing i will post a pic if i ever get it done . gfood luck with yours

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SheilaJoyce, I know the relief you will feel when it is finally done. And I hope you like how it turns out. I've made several BSJs and each one turned out so different (colors, weight of yarn, etc.). But I have enjoyed making each one. I am away for the weekend, but brought the latest along with me to finish. I think I've made enough to satisfy my initial excitement with them. After all, there are LOTS of other patterns out there to try, right?

Most of all, I hope the little boy's mother gives you the kind of reaction we all hope for when we make something for someone. I'd love to see a pic.

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I, too, would love to see a photo of the finished sweater. Heck, I'd like to see a photo of how it is right now!

I think we've all "been there, done that" with projects that seem to drag on forever - especially with something that we're making for someone else. It's not such a big deal to decide to temporarily call it quits if it's something that we're making for ourselves, but when it's going to be for someone else (even if they don't know about it), we somehow feel that we HAVE to keep plugging along.

And don't worry if the sweater is too large for the boy. He'll grow into it. At least it's a lot better than it turning out too small!

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The first sweater I ever knit took me 4 years! After knitting a while I realized I didn't like the color, the yarn (Caron Jewel Box) was hard to knit, and I wasn't even sure it would fit me, and if it did, would I like it enough to wear it!!! Along with other problems - getting the sleeves to match, etc, etc - it's finally finished and yes, it fits, I have worn it a time or two, BUT it sheds like crazy. Never expected that. Oh well, live and learn.

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Well done! This makes me need to go fetch my 3/4 finished project from the cupboard. Also waiting to see your photo.

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Sorry I cannot include a photo as I don't have a digital camera. (Bought enough of them over the years for my kids!) However, I finally finished it this morning. Now I want to wash it and use fabric softener in the rinse to get the sizing out of the yarn and soften it up. It is Red Heart Super Saver acrylic worsted, and I always wash that yarn as it is so stiff before I give it to the recipient. If and when the momma emails me a picture of it on her son, I will try to post it here. I hope they like it.

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Being from a USMC family I know he will wear your sweater. It never seems to matter how big or small the outfit is when little MC boys have Camouflage. My son had his camouflage blanket until he started school. Now he is Marine like his father was.

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I'm glad you mentioned how stiff that yarn is I wonder why the solid colrs are stiff and the variegated ones aren't I think the weight of the strand is thicker Too bad we can't wash it before we use it. I've taken many skeins back after working up a row or two.

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Just go ahead and use it, Minnie, but then wash it in the machine and use fabric softener too. Then machine dry it. It will be much softer. It also holds its shape well when you do designs such as cables or whatever.

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I frequently use the RH super saver since it holds up very well after so many washings. I like the Caron Simply Soft for sweaters but they do not have the range of colors that RH has. Unless I do online purchases, these are my two best reasonably priced yarns. Of course, when Smileys has their fall sale, I try to stock up. I'm pretty set for this year unless I need some yarn for special projects. One of these days I'll practice my knitting more to make a BSJ but found a great crochet pattern for a sweater made with two hexagons and have made a few of these. See here - sorry but I have been posting on Ravelry and have forgotten to share here. The green is RH Soft Yarn and the multi is Bernat

Here is a link that might be useful: Hexagon Sweater Revisited

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It looks a lot like the BSJ, Susan. I use acrylic yarns for kids for easy care in the washing machine and dryer and to avoid allergy. I agree--RH Super Saver has the widest range of colors. It is a stiff yarn, so I wash the item and use fabric softener before I gift it away. Makes a huge difference.

I am waiting to hear if DD is having a boy or girl next fall. Then I will get to the knitting and crocheting for him or her. DD and her MIL are hoping for a girl this time. If so, she will be the only granddaughter on that side of the family. Only one here too, but then my older son may marry and surprise us with grandchildren some day. He is a wonderful uncle.

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sheilajoyce (My Page) on Mon, Jun 1, 09 at 23:55

Just go ahead and use it, Minnie, but then wash it in the machine and use fabric softener too. Then machine dry it. It will be much softer. It also holds its shape well when you do designs such as cables or whatever.
Thanks for the advice I was just going to ask about how and what to use. I just finished an afghan for my Son's MIL. I'm so tired of doing it. I'll post a photo of it later it is a gigantic corner square and I had to count each row across to make sure I didn't pick up ny estr stitches. Each side around was increased by four each time the final count was 151 stitches from corner to corner.
I used Red Heart varigated "Blueberry Pie" dark blue ,medium blue a graw and a strand of mauve through it ll. The colors she wanted. it is like the photo below

Here is a link that might be useful:

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You sure put a lot of work into it. What a nice gift to be receiving; and what a lucky lady. She will love it. Congrats on finishing it!

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I love seeing pictures of your finished projects. Great job, profsusan and minnie.

Don't remind me of the pillow cases I began to embroider in Middle School and didn't finish 'til after my youngest was born. That's why I learned to crochet. It goes much faster for me and I stand a better chance of completing a project in a reasonable amount of time. Just goes to show you there's a craft out there for everyone.

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