knitted pot scrubbers

VickyJMay 13, 2009

Has anyone tried to make knitted pot scrubbers out of tulle? I wondered if a person could just use the basic dish cloth pattern (make it smaller). I really love the crocheted scrubbers, but I don't know how to do that.

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Hi, here's a knitted one that uses both tulle and crochet cotton together, but I assume you could use just the tulle also.

Here is a link that might be useful: Knitted Pot Scrubber

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This pattern isn't shown as being knitted out of tulle, but I bet it could be done with tulle.
And there's even a tutorial about how to knit "a tribble" as well. ("Tribble" being the name used for this pot scrubber - because they seem to multiply.)

Happy knitting,
jane2 (Janey on knitting blogs here and there.)

Here is a link that might be useful: knitted tribble (potscrubber)

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I just wrote out another answer for you - about a non-knitted nylon scrubber. But heaven knows where it has disappeared to!

Here is a whole list of scrubbers (or scrubbies as they are sometimes called) - both knitting and crocheted patterns.

I do not know if there are any of tulle - but you could check out these patterns (and the comments below the list - which is where the missing non-knitted nylon scrubber came from I think) and perhaps substitute tulle for whatever else is used.

Best of luck,
jane2 (Janey elsewhere)

Here is a link that might be useful: list of scrubbers - er, scrubbies

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I've used tulle...what I ended up doing was knitting just a 'usual' dishcloth..on the diagonal...and switched from the cotton yarn to strips of tulle for the last portion of the, it made a pot scrubber of one corner of a dishcloth. People liked them, but let me tell you - those strips of tulle are MURDER on the hands, while you're knitting them. I did a few, but quit for this reason.

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If you want to use the basic knitted dishcloth pattern, it's easy. Do you start at the corner with four stitches cast on? If so, my pattern says knit the increases until you have 43 sts before decreasing. Just knit until the side coming down from the needle is the size you want your square to be, ending with an odd number. Then begin your decreases and finish as usual. Or, I use size 10 needles, cast on 12 stitches and knit a rectangle, fold in half and crochet closed with a slip stitch. I use nylon netting, as I find the tulle to fine to work well as a scrubbie. Cut your netting about 2" wide. I usually buy about 10 yards when it is on sale, fan fold it and cut with a rotory cutter, so I have one long strip instead of having to tie knots or sew the ends together. That way I have enough to make approx. 22 scrubbies without knots. I like Sandra's idea as well.


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The ten yard strip is for making much bigger ones than the rectangle size! I have a pattern for a round crocheted one that takes the ten yards! I have no idea how much the rectangle one would take. Sorry.


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