LA Crochet book..Looney Tunes, taz, bugs, tweetie

ownedbyadogMay 24, 2008

I am looking for the patterns from an old Leisure Arts crochet pattern book for the Warner Bros Looney Tunes characters of: taz, bugs bunny, tweetie bird and sylvester the cat. Please, share if you have grandson loves these characters, so does grandma. Thanks so much!!!

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I found the book at this website, but unfortunately not for free. It is $5.00, and just in case you didnt know it is cross stitched on the afghan. I will keep my eyes open for it, love to do afghans like this too!!!

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You can find this pattern on eBay. The first one I saw sold for 74.50 and the last one for 10.50 so you might try doing a search in crafts/knitting patterns. This is the Leisure Arts book with the crochetted stuffed toys. I have also seen the afghans.
Hope you find it!!

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I also looking for looney tunes crocheted guys. and for sesame street guys, thanks,

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Hi: Have you checked this site for Taz, Looney Tunes and Sesame characters. I know they are meant as cross-stitch, but I have used lots of cross stitch patterns into sweaters and squares for childrens blankets. The site is

Have a look and see if something will work out.

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The site that has it for $5 is probablly your best bet but for future reference you can find loads of old crochert booklets on e-bay cheap. You can put it into your e-bay favorites and get an e-mail every time one comes up for auction, very handy. Mary

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