bears on my blanket

sorie6May 27, 2009

I finally finished it. Did it my way. I think it's ok. Thanks for looking. It's in the gallery.

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I think it turned out really cute. What yarns did you use?

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For the squares I used Bernat baby coordinates. Hate it
For edging used Caron simply soft. I was dissapointed in it. It came apart really bad and there were lots of bad places in it.
I really thought these yarns were supposed to be good quality. I'll never use them again. Sorry I'll get off my soap box now!!
Is anyone else having trouble with yarn these days??

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Hi sorie6,

I recently used this wool to crochet a baby blanket....and I absolutely hated it also ~ the wool, not the blanket ~ lol! After putting all the work into it, it looked like crap after washing it before gift giving. I thought it would be nice and cushy for a newborn, but a lot of the "fuzzy" just up and disappeared. What a disappointment.

Will never recommend it to anyone ever.

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Very nice blanket. I use caron simply soft all the time for baby blankets and afghans and have never had it come apart on me. Maybe it was a bad batch. Write them and complain. One time I had 4 skeins that were wound wrong and I couldn't pull from the side like I usually do so wrote them and they sent me 4 new skeins for my trouble that were wound the correct way. The other yarn I didn't care for either. Mary

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I've only made one baby blanket using the Caron Simply Soft -- and that was a while ago. I don't recall having any problems with it, though.

My most favorite yarn to use for baby blankets is Dreambaby DK by Plymouth Yarn Company. It is so soft to work with, and once it's washed it's even softer and more cuddly.

I have some Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn, but haven't used it yet. Maybe I'll just set it aside... LOL!

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