knitting a rosebud

krystyna1937May 18, 2012

I've been away from this Forum for a while. I posted a new question/request earlier today but I don't see it here. Perhaps I didn't press the right button somewhere.

I once found instructions how to knit a spiral that would curl into the shape of a flower bud. As far as I remember it started with casting on 3-5 stitches and then steadily increasing in a specific way. That's the part I don't remember. I've tried several ways but I can't make a spiral (I bet it'll turn out to be very simple) and I don't remember where I initially found the instruction -- a book, a forum?

Can anybody help? Please?

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I guess in order to find the instruction you've once saw you'll have to search the net. I'm sure you'll find one site that would give you the instructions you need

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