Stainless steel that doesn't show fingerprints?

elizabeth96January 3, 2008

Somewhere I came across an article (dated 2004) that said Sears and GE were coming out with stainless steel appliances that didn't show fingerprints (or at least not as much). Did this ever come to pass?

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I don't know about Sears or GE, but I think Samsung has a "stainless-look" finish that's supposed to look like SS but not show fingerprints. I saw what I think was the finish about 6 months ago on a refrigerator and if it isn't up against a SS appliance, it will pass. However, if it's next to true SS, you can tell the difference. I seem to recall that some people here (or on the Appliances Forum) purchased one.


You could try posting this on the Appliances Forum as well.

I know we're discouraged from cross-posting, but the Appliances and Kitchens forums are so inter-related that you almost have to post in both places where appliances are concerned. Different people seem to "haunt" the two forums, with only a few crossovers now and then.

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Our whirlpool manufactured Kenmore fridge has a "Satina" finish which is fingerprint resistant. Other brands have these finishes too, but they can be hard to locate b/c every brand calls it something different. I've heard of satina, titanium, and iridium. They don't show fingerprints as much, but the tradeoff is that they're easier to scratch.

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my fisher paykel as what they call Ezclean finish. It does not show streaks. You just cant clean it with window cleaner of ss clear. damp cloth does it --no streaks

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