Help finding a crochet pattern from a magazine

acraftyladyMay 11, 2007

I know this is a long shot but I have spent two days with no luck on this. I had a magazine with a small white coin purse pattern that I think had a zipper that was very cute. For some reason it occured to me yesterday I better write the magazine and issue number down for later reference but the magazine is no where to be found now. I don't have that many corchet magazines to go through and had them all in a bag so can't figure out what the heck I did as I know I didn't dream this up or maybe I did?

I started crochet fall of 2005 so I am guessing this pattern was in a magazine late 2005 or early to middle 2006 possibly and I am sure it was on the left hand side of the page. I can picture it so clearly in my mind but can't remember what magazine. I only buy crochet world and hooked on crochet mostly but I think I had one issue of crochet! and now I don't. I seem to think it was not in hooked on crochet as the magazine was a bigger size one.

I went browsing e-bay and the cover of the January 2006 crochet! looks familiar but don't know if a coin purse is something that magazine would have done. If anyone can remember this I would greatly appreciate it. I know there are a lot of coin purse patterns but there was probably other stuff in the magazine I wanted to get to. Mary

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Hi, Why don't you email the ebay seller and ask them if your pattern is in there? Then you would know for sure. It sucks when you loose patterns! I have a couple of Crochet magazines but don't know which they are. I'll look. Let me know what you find out. Sorry I can't be of more help. Sandy

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Its a sweater pattern using scrap yarn. Its striped with each strip being of a
different color. It doesn't have a collar and is open in the front and is long
sleeved. I used to have it in one of my magazines, I can't find the magazine
or remember which one it originally was in. Hope someone can help me find
it or send me a copy. HELP!!!!!!!

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