29 inch drop in vs. 30 inch slide in - am I screwed

mibella90January 8, 2011

We have a 12 yo house with a Kenmore drop in range. The cabinets have a 30 inch cutout. The granite countertops have a 1/2 inch lip that closes the counter cut out to 29 inches. The current cook top lid from the drop in then over hangs this lip.

The drop in has died and needs to be replaced. Will a current 30 inch SLIDE IN RANGE fit or is this lip killing me? If not - what are my options.

Is there anyway to cut/trim/sand or otherwise get rid of this granite lip to widen the counter top so that it matches the cabinet cut out of 30 inches to get the modern day slide in to fit?

Any other solutions?

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I don't know if a slide-in will work - you should check them out in person and measure and/or read the installation specs online. If you need to modify the counter, you can get a fabricator to come in and do it.

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I run into this issue frequently. It seems that a rash of local builders 15 years ago got really good appliance package deals with drop in ranges. And when they die, folks discover that they are pretty pricy to replace and that there isn't that much choice even for a higher amount of money. It's sometimes complicated by the fact that there are some 27" drop in ranges out there as well, so be sure that you are measuring correctly!

What most people end up doing is removing the cabinet piece at the bottom (where the platform is that supports the drop in) and removing the laminate countertop at the rear (along with the attached backsplash) and putting in a free standing range rather than replacing the drop in. It would work to do a slide in that way too, except that the countertop to the rear would probably not need modification. Granite is, of course, harder to deal with and not DIYable for 99% of folks.

You do need a 30" "clear span" hole from cabinet to cabinet and from counter to counter (no overhang on the sides) to be able to replace your drop in range with most freestanding and most slide in ranges. That size is fairly standard in the industry. Since you have granite, you need a professional to come out and modify your counter openings to 30" in order to replace your range. It probably won't cost you more than a couple of hundred dollars, which is still cheaper than the cost difference between a drop in and any other type of replacement range. You can probably do the cabinet modifications yourself if you have a few tools and are handy. If not, then it's usually much too small a job for a local cabinet guy, so your best bet is a "handyman" type person who can do decent finish carpentry. Those can be pretty hard to find for small jobs as well, so you might ask around to family and friends for a recommendation.

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Just had Sears out today to replace our 29" drop in Whirlpool that is 15yrs old. It was going to cost $365 + what I already paid for basic install to modify! Not much choice out there for replacement. Sears is working to help us but looks like we make be calling in some "chips" from some handy friends. Wish us luck!!!

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