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billy1919May 23, 2014

I have a Bolero Vest in which I am would like to make but I am haveing trouble with the directions I have posted the picture. The vest directions I just can't get. I am new at knitting so any help would be helpful.

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I have uploaded another pic in which I couldn't upload the other pic in the same thread

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What is it that you don't get?

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Well it says work in seed stitch for 4 rows etc. I couldn't get that to go along with the first row. I tried to go back to the instructions that was in the book but still couldn't understand the directions. You see this a knit book for beginners it was fine until now.

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To work seed stitch for four rows in this pattern, you will start with an ODD number of stitches cast on.

Row 1: K, P, K, P, K . . . just keep alternating K, P until you get to the last stitch, which will be a K stitch.

Row 2: Do exactly the same thing as row 1 - K, P, K, P, etc, ending with a K stitch

Row 3: Same thing again,

Row 4: This one is a little bit trickier since you need to increase six stitches evenly placed. For this row, if you are making the smallest size, I would do this: [K, P, K, P, K, P, K, P, K, K again in the same stitch (this is your 1st increase), P, K, P, K, P, K, P, K, P, P again in the same stitch (this is your 2nd increase)] . . . . repeat that sequence three times until you get to the end of the row, which will be a K stitch. This will give you six increase evenly spaced.

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Alice I will try this. But what about the ts stitch (over 10) 6 times and sl 1 pwise k1(k1,p1, k1) for the SS border. It sounds you like over this part of the instruction.

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After the 4 seed stitch rows you will have 69 stitches (size small) on your needle.

Row 1 is k1, p1, k1, [sl 1 st pwise, k1, kb, k1, kb, k1, kb, k1,kb, k1] (repeat in the brackets 6 times), sl 1 pwise, k1, K1, P1, K1.

Row 1 is exactly 69 stitches: 3 for border + 1 (K1) 6x10(TS) + 2 more stitches (sl 1 pwise, K1) + 3 for the other border

Row 2 is K1, P1, K1, p until three stitches remain then K1, P1, K1.

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Thanks Alice now this makes sense I think except for the fact of you said you will have 69st (size small) needle. What do you mean by size small. Also in the directions is said inc 6 stit do you actually inc or do you go by what you said by your notes by k on the first and p on the sec row I assume you said this etc. Also I will be going to a knitting classes here locally in our library and if that doesn't help on my advance knitting like I am having trouble with my other projects I have looked at I will be going to two assistant living housing in which someone there who is much older than I am who has knitted before you see I need someone I can learn from visually. However this forum and others like it has been very helpful. Including you thanks for your help also I just might be continue to ask for more insight as i go along.

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Okay, when the directions list stitches, they list for several different sizes. When it says to cast on 63 (73, 83, 93) each amount is for a different garment size. I provided directions for a 63-stitch cast on, size small. Perhaps it is listed as an extra-small or something else in your pattern - I don't have access to that page.

Now, in my first post I explained how to do the first four seed stitch rows, including the increases. The first three rows you will have 63 stitches. After the fourth row (where you do the 6 increases), you will have 69 stitches. THEN you do what your pattern calls "ROW 1" as described in my second post.

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Well Alice I see what you were talking about I studied this part of the project. I feel like I am in college stuff. The advanced stuff in knitting. I looked at the 3 row and it could be me but I really looked at it and I came up short of the count and it could be the there is a misprint of the total count and also it sounds like on 4 row you do the same thing as in 2row. I also looked the other projects in this book they don't look as hard this one does. Thanks for all your help. I kinda look over the part of the TS guide over the left side. After I studied and remember what I read in the other pages all of this you said comes to light.
Disregard about the misprint in the 3row I forgot that you inc when you kfb this project is harder than I imagine.

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No, you are correct. Row 3 and Row 5 don't add up.

Check the website for the company that wrote the pattern and see if there are errata posted. It would be easy enough to add extra knit stitches to make it work, but I don't know how that would fit with the rest of the pattern. This is just plain lazy pattern writing and failure on their part to have a test knit down prior to publication.

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Alice that the problem about the book I have found 1 to 2 mistakes already in another project however I was able to finish that it was a tote bag. The book my wife bought it a few years ago and I believe it was discontinue. Cause I had concerns about another problem I had then i discovered that the book was most likey discontinue. I will continue to work on this hopefully finish if not I will possibly contact the company or the author or perhaps get some help with someone that know what they are doing in knitting. Thanks again for your help on this maybe I will call again.

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If you add a k1 right before you start the TS on rows 3 and 5 your stitch count will work - you will want to look ahead though and see if that will work with the rest of the pattern.

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Well I worked the 1row and it worked fine I did had to put on more cast on by doing the back E loop because I ran out of cast on but it did come out 69 then I did the ss stitch 3 times then it said to p to you come to the last 3 stit then you ss stit I did this on 2 row then I notice something as I finish the 3 row I had more stitch casue of the inc by kf&b so I had 73 stitch don't that figure whoever did this should have check everything right before publish I check on the row 2 to 3 times to make sure it was 73

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