need help with kitchen design - south wall of kitchen

marthasdreamDecember 5, 2010

Hi all,

This is the south wall of the kitchen. Backsplash is polished marbles in a stackstone pattern, countertops are granite in blue butterfly which looks dark grey almost black most of the time. Cabinets are custom, 30" on the bottom, and the uppers are: lower shelves are 13", the upper is 16". I have a lot of art, glass bottles, porcelain, silver and all my dishes. I used to work in restaurants so the plating is done in the kitchen and brought to the table or served on the counter ready to go.

What do you think? I will add some steampunk fixtures, and some pale rich colors.

- Martha

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Hi Marthasdream,

I know I've seen you over in On-Topic discussions. I hope you reposted this over there. If not, please do so!! I promise you're not being ignored. Most of us just don't look in Gallery very often. If you look in the center, just above the list of topics, you'll see the links between On-Topic discussions, off-topic conversations, and gallery.

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