What's on the Needles/Hooks?

mommytomanyMay 5, 2008

Just wondering what others in the hook and needles world are working on these days? I am just putting the finishing touches up on a crocheted tote bag seen here [http://lesboisarts.blogspot.com/2008/02/crochet-annies-attic-rugged-tote.html] Turned out great and took no time at all.

Next on my needles is a cute little A-Line dress pattern I purchased at [http://www.knitandtonic.net/knitandtonic/2006/05/the_thing_about.html] I posted an request earlier for help in resizing a pattern for a 5th grade graduation dress and I took your advice and decided to find something designed for a little girls body. My daughter was a little disappointed but agreed this dress would be pretty too. This number needs to be completed by early June so I'm feeling the pressure of a deadline.

After that, well who knows, the possibilites are endless. I am currently trying to get my hands on Simply Knitting #35. I love that little Shaun the Sheep mobile.

So what are you working on?

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I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't worked on the shrug I started in over a month. I got sidetracked by quilting! I did see some wonderful sock yarn this weekend and it's got me wanting to make some more golf socks.


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A month or so ago, someone else started a thread much like this one. I listed the many things I had in the works. I don't feel guilty at all that I still have several of those projects as WIPs, because I guess I have knit/crochet ADD, and get bored easily. So I always have several things going at once. But I have finished a few things since then. Just yesterday I completed a Shining Star baby afghan (it's a 6 pint star inside a rotated star, inside another rotated star, inside a circle). I don't think it's beautiful, but I kind of like it and it was fun to do. DD is supposed to bring her camera over tonight to take a picture of it for me so I can bore you all with another "I'm done!" photo.

It's all I can do not to start something new. I've got to finish the socks (for me), monstrous Delft Delight afghan, Guatemalan Tapestry (for a friend) and a few other things.

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I am just finishing up the second of two baby afghans my sister asked me to make for her friends. I will post pictures once I'm done. One is a soft green (don't yet know the sex of the baby) and the other is pink.

I've had a sweater on the go since January - it's for my husband. I had so much trouble with tension that I lost interest. I do have the whole tension problem figured out. I will eventually get back to it but I'm sure I'll start a few more projects before I do.

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Um.....socks, and then some more socks, oh and another pair of socks lol. I have 4 birthdays coming up and one already done so everybody has/is getting socks...on the other hand, last weekend I found my way into a weaving shop and bought myself some roving and a drop spindle and now I have three small balls of yarn and a big one growing on the spindle.

DH just walked past and said, hey you're making string. I told him no I'm making yarn, must be lace weight though since he thinks it looks like string hehehehe.

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I just finished a sage green cardigan for DGS. There will be layettes later in the year for DDs former bridesmaid and maid of honor.

I REALLY have to gather my nerve and finish the tablecloth for son's friend. I started, but I chickened out when I decided I needed to take it apart somewhat. This is the one his mother started. I must first take some of the motifs off and place them at either end as she was making a round cloth, contrary to the pattern, and he has a rectangular table. Then I will have to use one of her motifs to splice in any needed additional stitches for that last row that attaches to the cloth. I cannot find the same shade cotton thread, so the part I splice together will cover the top of his table. Then the sides I will make, and they will be white to her cream. I am still so nervous about it all, but I really do need to get to it.

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Annie--I think my next craft to learn is going to be quilting. I recently purchased a pattern that looks like it would be a great beginners project. I also found this free quilting pattern


I thought it might be something easy enough for a beginner to make, it's in my crafters queue.

Donna--Seems like all knitters and crocheters suffer from varying degress of ADD. I'm the same way. I have a sweater in one knitting bag that I've been working on for about 1 1/2 years. Just can't seem to bring myself to finish it. Maybe by the coming winter I will have completed it. I've seen the pictures you've posted and they are wonderful. Obviously multi-tasking works for you.

SueBdoo-- I forgot to mention, I also have a baby blanket going. It's something really simple and the only thing I've didn't use a pattern to make. It's simply moss sitch and in the center of the blanket I'll turn it to stockinette and moss stitch his name within the stockinette panel. Once the name is complete I'll finish the blanket in moss stitch. I hope it turns out okay. I'll post a pic when I'm done.

ZipperTx-- Seems you're not alone in the sock world. It was mentioned several times above. I tried knitting socks but I find DPN's difficult to work with and I get frustrated. So I lost interest. I would like to learn the method of using 2 circulars. It looks so much easier.

Shelia--Sounds like you've got alot on your plate with that tablecloth. Tablecloths just seem so daunting to me. Not sure I could tackle one of those yet. My mind is in too many directions to be able to focus in on one thing.

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I just finished, the baby surprise sweater. Also a crochet hooded baby sweater, hat and booties. And 3 pr baby socks. WIP's two baby afghans, a MM rainbow knit afghan and a heart blocks one.
On the needles I'm trying the beribboned look a like baby sweater.Not sure what I think of it yet. I like to have a lot of projects started , alone time ones, tv ones ,talking on the phone ones... well you get the idea.

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Just finished 2 pr. socks. I'm in between projects. Cannot decide whether to tackle another pair of socks or start a scarf. Looking at the multidirectional triangle scarf.

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I'm trying to get a knitted double blanket finished, before it gets too hot to work on it....I like smaller projects during the summer months. I'm also a quilter and generally work on making blocks during the summer, and completing the tops...then, quilt them in the winter when it's nice to have a quilt on your lap. I do all the quilt making by hand...even the piecing... I have the blocks for several quilts already done - just waiting for me to put them together into a top. I also have lots of purchased antique blocks, that I like to put together - sometimes with repro fabrics and sometimes it's possible to combine different bunches of blocks...to make tops. Ah, so much yarn and fabric - so little time!

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Mommy--If you think knitters/crocheters have ADD wait until you start quilting! 8^) We're notorious for starting projects and not finishing them. I currently have eight quilting projects going, not counting my custom-quilting jobs. (Only three of those!) I'm waaayyyy better about finishing my knitting projects than I am about quilting.

Oops, I thought of three more quilting UFOs! I'm more or less getting out of custom quilting so that I can devote more time to finishing my own projects. I did make four queen-sized quilts last year, plus several smaller projects, so it's not like I NEVER finish one!


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I ADORE quilts and envy everyone's skills and lovely finished projects. But I don't have the space to give to it or the patience to fiddle with a sewing machine. So I know it's not for me. But how I do drool. Knitting and crocheting are more suitable for me, and I like to have something going all the time.

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I like the portability of knitting, which is why I usually have a pair of socks going. I can grab my little basket with my sock project as I go out the door and work on it while I'm in the car, waiting at the dentist, whatever.


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sheilajoyce.....you don't need space or a sewing machine to quilt. I, too, dislike machines, and so do all my work, including piecing and quilting, by hand. AND, my quilt making is, for the large part, portable. We travel a lot and I always have something to work on in the car. Doing applique is a good portable project.... or piecing. Before leaving I put the 'makings' of several blocks into a plastic see through bag, along with my little sewing 'kit', that contains pins, needles, a few neutral thread colors, little scissors, a marker, small ruler, & a glue stick. Then, I'm all ready to go. The only time it becomes a bit cumbersome to transport is when you're quilting the whole thing, and I leave that till winter, when it's nice to sit in the den in the evenings, watching TV with my husband, and quilting. I don't use a hoop or anything cumbersome when I quilt...it just lays in my lap while I work, which is cozy in the winter.

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I mentioned I was working on my daughter's 5th grade graduation dress and I've finally finished it. I found the pattern in the current issue of Creative Knitting. This was my first attempt at trying to "downsize" a pattern. It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be and here is the finished product....

What do you think?

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VERY NICE! What yarn did you use?


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Patons Grace in Viola. Can't say I'm overly pleased with the yarn though. I think it has too much pilling. If/when Imake the dress again I will most certainly use a different yarn.

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Oh, that is sweet! I'll bet your daughter feels very special. Great work!

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Oh, I love that dress you made for your daughter, MommyToMany, especially the lace at the bottom. And I love the color, too.

I've been knitting baby blankets for my niece and her hubby's first child, due next month. They're waiting until the baby is born to find out the gender, so I'm using gender-neutral colors. Here are three that I've done recently (I didn't think to take a photo of the first one I gave her). The photos aren't too good (not totally in focus) -- my camera doesn't take very good closeups.

Basket Weave pattern:

Feather and Fan pattern. I took this photo with the blanket draped on the back cushion of the family room sofa. The weight of the blanket (even thought it was made with baby weight yarn) pulls the "fans" down and open:

I just finished this one. I took a photo as it was all folded up and I was getting ready to put it into a gift box:

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They are all very nice blankets. I think my favorite is the last one you made. Great job and thanks for the kudos on the dress.

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