Hobokenkitchen's New, Modern Kitchen for the FKB

hobokenkitchenDecember 16, 2009

Cabinets: Custom made Mahogany veneer with all soft close cabinets and drawers.

Appliances: Range: 36' All Gas Wolf Range

Hood: 36' low profile Wolf hood

Refrigerator: 30' Subzero built in fridge freezer

Dishwasher: Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher drawers

Countertops: Quartzite - natural stone seen under the names 'Monte Carlo' , 'Mother of Pearl' and 'Madre Perle'. Harder (and more brittle) than granite. This particular quartzite does not appear to etch.

Fabricated by Wolf Granite in Philadelphia.

Flooring; Ceramic Tile with metal infused into it. Purchased at Artistic Tile in 6 x 24s.

Handles: Purchased at www.myknobs.com - amazing pricing compared to other sources.

Faucet: Danze Parma pull down faucet in stainless steel purchased on ebay.

Sink: Stainless steel, zero radius apron sink purchased on ebay.

Backsplash: Tao toffee purchase at www.glasstilestore.com

Here's a close up of the ceramic floor. You can see the metalic sparkles from close up only. From the dining room you can't tell, but when you are actually on the floor you can see the sparkles.

Here's a pic of the two seams at either side of our sink (we picked a small slab).

and the quartzite slab before fabrication:

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Hi hobokenkitchen - may I add your new kitchen to the FKB? If so please submit the FKB Category Checklist. Thanks! :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: FKB Category Checklist

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If you do't mind my asking...is quartzite more expensive than granite or marble?

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We just installed Mother of Pearl quartzite for our perimeter kitchen counters, too. I really love all of the beautiful veining! How is yours holding up so far?

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starpooh - absolutely - just submitted the form!

mtv20 - our quartzite is more expensive than many (most?) granites, but less expensive than many marbles. There are definitely more expensive exotic granites out there, but also far less expensive options. Sorry I guess that doesn't really answer your question! : )

basianov; it's holding up great - no etching or scratching so far.

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Love how the rug in the eating area picks up the colors in the backsplash. What a nice way to tie the two rooms together.

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Awesome! Love your kitchen. It's stunning! I especially love the tall pullout pantry... I see it's a standard side mount slide, probably heavy duty. How is that working out as far as ease of operation?

My wife and I are in the planning stages of a kitchen remodel, modern style with quartz (man-made) slab counters. I'm looking at these Fulterer slides (fultererusa.com/misc/fr777_catalog_page.pdf). It looks super heavy duty and I read they work great, but you do lose some height (2" on top, 4" on bottom), unless you notch the toekick, which I'm loath to do. I suppose ergonomically the bottom 4" is probably useless anyway. The great thing is they come in sizes allowing up to 42.7" of travel, which is like having almost twice the pantry space as a standard 22" slide! We will be opening up our 6'W x 3'6"D walk-in pantry and using 47" deep pull-out pantries to triple our pantry space (the open area in a walk-in is dead space). The down side is these are over $300 a set x 4 pullouts (including a soft close option).

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