I need another project...

pawsitive_gwMay 8, 2011

...like I need another hole in my head or another dog!! And I can safely say I don't need either one thankyouverymuch!! So why did I sign up for crochet instructions? Beats me, my friend said she was taking a class and would I like to come,so I'm just trying to help a local gal out who is trying to earn some money in this economy. She started us out with a basic chain and double chains to make a granny square. I think after we conquer that she is going to get us into some of the fancier stitches. I used to crochet waaaay back when and haven't really done anything with it for years and years. I guess it's good to relearn something but it isn't a hobby I plan on doing a lot. I have enough going with my cross-stitch, spinning, and knitting. Speaking of spinning, a friend in town raises Shetland sheep and I took a bunch of his roving to our spinning and weaving meeting Weds and they went gaga over his stuff!! There is a market for it and I've been telling him that for over a year but he hasn't done anything to promote himself. They were thrilled when I told them I sold 13 roving coils for them. Now if I can just get them to price them so they can make some money!! Off to train the dogs so I can have peace tonight and get on with my cross stitch horses.

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