Ikea Applad White - Before & After

maconiteasyDecember 10, 2006

Our kitchen has been done for several months, but I didn't have "before and after" pictures until recently. During the planning, I could not find lacquered slab cabinet doors locally at the time, so I decided to think about using Ikea. We would never have attempted this long-distance Ikea cabinet procurement project without all

I learned on this site, both about kitchen design and especially how to navigate Ikea. A very special thanks to the "Ikea Fans."

Cabinets: Ikea Applad White w/ Ikea Lansa handles

Countertops: Ikea Beech butchblock

Appliances: Kitchenaid Architect Series (Lowes)

Exhaust Hood: Sirius (from the web)

Main sink: Ikea two-bowl with drainboard and Blanco faucet (from the web)

Coffee sink: Elkay with drainboard and Blanco faucet

(both from the web)

Cable Lighting: Ikea and Home Depot

Ceiling Fluorescents: Lithonia (Home Depot)

Undercabinet Lighting: Cyberlux LED Aeon ProHB

Wall Paint: Sherwin Williams Bagel

Ceiling Paint: Sherwin Williams Interactive Cream

Refrigerator Enclosure Paint: Sherwin William Hearthrob

Trim: Benjamin Moore White 314 01

Flooring: Hevea Parquet (Lowes)

Backsplashes: White Maple Veneer (local hardwood supplier)

Outlet covers: White Maple (from the web)

Column: White Maple Veneer (pine column and capitals from Lowes; veneer from local supplier)

Image link:

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Here are the Before and After Pictures in higher resolution

Before - The Old View from the Foyer

After - The New View from the Foyer

After - The New Cooktop and Hood

Before - The Old Window

After - The New Overhead and Cable Lighting

After - The View of the New Windows

Before - The Old View from Window

After - The New View from Window

After - The View of the Two New Sinks

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WOW!!!! What a transformation. I am amazed at your creative vision and your new kitchen is just stunning. I love everything about it. The colors are great and I love your countertops.

I'm glad that you posted since I'm planning an Ikea kitchen as well. As a matter of fact, my cabs are on backorder and I was thinking of perhaps changing to another line buy you are proof that Ikea is beautiful as well as affordable.

I know you are enjoying your new space. You should be proud of it and the job you've done.

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Your kitchen is beautiful and I was very excited to see it as I recently purchased the exact same cabinets, hardware, and counter tops from IKEA. They've all been stored in my house for about a month now and we will be starting the whole project in a week and a half. Seeing your finished kitchen was a sort-of preview of what mine will be like and it just made me all the more excited to get started!

I do have one question. How did you treat your counters? I've seen lots of posts where people have used either Tung oil or mineral oil. I'm thinking Tung oil but haven't committed yet. (I do know about the concern re: any nut allergies but no one in my house has that issue) Also, did you do anything to join the two pieces where they meet in the corner?

Thanks again for the wonderful pics!

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sjackso8: Thank you for your comments. Good luck with your project.

Re sealing: Some of my concerns which led me to choose a product called Waterlox: 1) I am allergic to oil based stains/paint/sealers, etc.; 2) I did not want to have to re-apply some kind of oil-based product in the future, once I got through the initial application using a respirator. Any reapplication would have to be done IN the house, and dealing with fumes for who knows how long was not an option. Potentially wearing a respirator full-time until the house cleared was not a plan. 3) I use a food-safe mineral oil on my butcherblock cutting boards, but didn't want to have to frequently go through that process with 75 sqft of countertop, counting what's also installed in a butler's pantry. From my reading, once I applied the Waterlox, I was done so I decided to use the Waterlox. Setting up outside, I applied two coats of Waterlox, following the manufacturer's directions, sanding between the coats. I then let the countertops "cure" outside for a week, trying to let them out-gas if that was going to happen. (This was done in July in North Carolina). Once the counters were installed, my nose detected a slight odor for a few days, but I did not have any kind of allergic respiratory reaction. The counters have been in for 18 months now. Water/liquids bead up. No warping through our drastic humidity changes. No staining at all. No oil spotting around the cooktop. I even got some Wilton "Christmas Red" food color on them last night, and it wiped up without a trace. Waterlox works.

Re seaming: I have two seams: one in the corner and one at the large sink drainboard. I cannot remember which brand the carpenter actually used, but the connectors look very much like ZipBolt connectors (Rockler) or Joint Connectors (Woodcraft), both online.

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That has to be one of the most amazing transformations I've seen around here! Well done!!!

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What a spectacular kitchen. I love the red, and the lighting is so creative! I'm using Ikea cabs as well (Lidingo white) and hope my kitchen comes out half as nice as yours!

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Love the wood countertops with the white cabinets. And the red wall is pure genius!

May I archive your kitchen in the Finished Kitchens Blog? If so could you please fill out the FKB Category Form? Thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful: FKB Categories page

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Starpooh: Thank you and the others for your lovely comments. I'm not able to check in all that often so I apologize for response time delays. I just filled out your FKB Category Form and submitted. Thanks for including our kitchen. By way of explanation for items checked on your form: Not pictured in the photos here is pantry closet, a banquette eating area, a desk area and also a butler's pantry. Some of what I checked off on your form are items in these adjacent areas, so viewers might not see all of what I checked when viewing just the kitchen.

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Hi maconiteasy,
I am curious as to how your cabinets have been wearing since you posted. To my eye, they look no less wonderful than the much more expensive cabinets I have been pricing out. If they hold up well, it seems like a no brainer to go with the IKEA cabs.
Your kitchen is just lovely and no one could tell it was done out of IKEA. I like that what I don't spend in cabinets can be spent elsewhere or saved. It might mean I get to do some frills guilt free and still spend less overall. Our first quote for cabs came in at $35k and that was with a family member's contractor discount (and just for the materials and no installation! My latest quotes are more like $17k, but this would drop a bunch more.
Did you assemble & install these or have a contractor do it? Did you use an IKEA installer or your own person? How long did it take to assemble & install. I imagine I'd have to budget more for that but would still come out ahead. Besides, whatever we pay in labor goes to a close family member who is getting married soon and could use all the extra work he can get. I am too afraid that my husband & I would mess it up and/or drive each other crazy trying to get it right. This way, someone handier than us, who we trust, can do that part. We "fools" can do the more fool-proof jobs, lol.
Thanks for any update you can provide. I am so glad I decided to search for "Applad" here. I am headed to IKEA today with my dh so he can see them in person. They don't have their display kitchen with this door style, so seeing your pix was a real help. If we could get our kitchen as beautiful as yours, we'd be thrilled!

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dianalo: Thanks for your questions. (1) Wearability/Finish: The cabinets will be two years old in May. They've held up beautifully. Not a mark on them (knock on wood). As a precaution, I had paint mixed to have on hand in case of scratches or mars, but have yet to use it. They wipe down with a clean sponge; I do dry them to prevent spotting or streaks. Once , while I left the door under the sink open, I banged the adjacent plate drawer into the sink cabinet handle; not a mark on the drawer front. (though if you choose large handles like mine, they do create some issues that you might want to consider in your planning). One minor issue with the finish: Ikea furnishes little self-adhesive cabinet door/drawer bumpers; they seem to move around over time on this slick lacquer finish; requires readjustment by just moving it to where it was originally. (2) Assembly: I'm a life-long stay-at-home wife who will never see 50 again. I assembled all the cabinets myself; though I did need help on the tall pantry cabinets (they are very heavy). I used a power screw driver when possible. It is a lot of screwing. I don't remember how long it took to assemble them; it does get very quick since it is just the same steps over and over once you learn the process. I know I was easily able to do several a day (3) Installation: My brother installed the cabinets for us. I was the helper, when necessary. He had never installed any kind of kitchen cabinets before (though he is a tile contractor and has installed bathroom vanity cabinets). He loved the Ikea mounting system.

At the time, this kitchen was a big leap of faith, mainly because of the long distance aspect of using Ikea -- 5 hour drive one way. But in the end it was definitely worth it. Also, if you are considering an Ikea kitchen, you must visit the IkeaFans website; it was started by Ikea posters here and is invaluable for anyone considering Ikea. Best of luck.

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Love your kitchen! Industrial "cool" while still beautiful, inviting and warm. Can I ask where you found the 2 glass cannisters below your paper towel holder? I love those!

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amyzboyz3: Got those at Ikea Atlanta.

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Countertops -
How do you like them? I am considering butcherblock countertops and I worry about the wear around the sink/dishwasher area. Did your contractor warn you about dampness affecting the countertops?

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vgbbrown: As indicated above, my countertops were treated with Waterlox prior to installation: topside; underside; and all edges, including anywhere a cut was made. Re moisture problems at the dishwasher: there is a chrome plate (approx 2" x 24") mounted on the underside of the countertop, right above the dishwasher along the countertop edge, as a barrier to protect the countertop from any steam escaping the dishwasher during the dry cycle (my Miele dishwasher aims steam downward, though). I've had no warpage, swelling, etc, even at a seam that falls where the sink drainboard is. We did leave the recommended clearances at the back of the counters, along the backsplash, to allow for unavoidable dimensional changes due to weather/humidity changes. We do dry up spills/splashes as they occur; go through bar mop towels like paper towels.

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Any chance you can give me more info on your cable lighting?

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Impeccable taste. Smart spending choices. Awesome.

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