URGENT -Fireclay Apron Sink not installed how I expected

slbutlerDecember 23, 2011

Would like some advice. We are currently building a home and I told the GC that I wanted a Rohl Shaw Original Fireclay Apron Front Sink. He said that was fine & installation wouldn't be a problem. Finally the cabinets started going in - so exciting. Not so exciting when he finally got the sink in ... from the looks of it he cut the opening for the sink to big so he used wood trim around the seams and caulk to fill in. IT LOOKS TERRIBLE! I will try to post a pic if I can figure it out. My GC said if they can't fix it to make me happy then we will have to get a new cabinet. My thinking is, if the carpenter didn't know how to do it then why didn't he ask someone else to help him or do it for him.

I am just wondering if anyone can give any suggestions on "fixing" this or if by professional opinion getting a new cabinet is the only route.


Image link:

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Isn't it supposed to be flush with the front of the cabinets? It looks like he needs to move it forward, then the slight trim at the sides won't be as noticable. Is he trying to avoid moving the plumbing? Did you order the wrong sink depth? It appears too small for the space, hence the horrible "trim" job

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No this type of sink isn't suppose to sit flush with the front of the cabinets. The cabinet width was determined by the size of the sink. Looking at previous posts and pictures, had he taken his time and drawn out a template to use it could've been cut properly.

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Clearly, someone messed up here. The sink probably came with a template that was obviously not used. At this point, if your GC won!t pay for a new cabinet, what about adding a skin cut to the correct size? You may want to pull the sink out 1/4" to accommodate e veneer, but I think that will give you a better finish.

If all else fails, it won't be nearly as noticeable once everything is installed and your eye has better places to look. Good luck!

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