One hand knitting

arnl279May 17, 2006

I work in a nursing home and one of our residents used to knit before her stroke that left one arm completely usless. I have seen "one hand knitters" a series of pegs that yarn was wrapped around and then picked off to make scarves and such. Can anyone lead me in the right direction. I haven't had time to look in craft stores I just told the activities director I would check the computer. TIA FOXY

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Craft stores is where I see them. But I think you will still need 2 hands -- one to hold it and one to hook the yarn. You may be able to design something to hold it for her as she manipulates the yarn. Try Michaels craft store and WalMart too.

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Here is a link for one

I've also seen other types on sites devoted to adaptive devices for disabled people.

I've never tried them but the one in the link looks like you could make something similiar with some kind of table clamp.

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Thank you for the information. I will look at Walmart the next time I go. Not sure if it will work but will check it out better. Foxy

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I've seen some items at our local Michaels that you might want to try: They have the Nifty Knitter products (various sizes of hoops with the pegs) they also have a machine that when you set up the yarns then you turn a crank like arm and the machine does the work (it looks like it's marketed for children/teens etc. though, I was even thinking to get one for my MIL for X-mas last year, but it just seemed too childish). HTH, I would recomend Michaels (probably a bit more expensive than WalMart, but I find it has more selections of items). I was going to link you to their website but thought that might be plugging a commercial site - you can find Michaels website in a search.

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Thank you for your response. I don't have a Michaels in my area but I can search online. That sounds like a good idea of the crank one. "Nifty Knitter" is what I have been thinking about but couldn't think of the name. I was in Walmart the other day but forgot to check. Thanks again.

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I saw a man using a knitting gadget once,it was a sort of a thick leather belt, he propped one needle against the belt and thus had his one free. Anybody familiar with this? It definitely could be used by a handicapped person.

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I vaguely remember reading that at one time some knitters used a needle that was long enough to tuck under their left arm thus enabling them to knit while walking. But I can't for the life of me remember the source. It made sense to me as I tend to rest my left needle on my belt or waistband.

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I know a lady who knits with her needle under her arm, but as she teaches college courses, the only time I get to see her is when she doesn't have a class and is able to attend our Thurs. knitting group. I think she still uses both hands, tho.

How wonderful and encouraging it would be for that lady to be able to knit again! I hope you can find a way to help her.


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Thank you everyone for your continued responses. We are finding enough things to keep her busy but she still wishes she could knit again. Will have to keep working on something.

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How is her left hand? relaxed or spastic? I'm 2 yrs post stroke and my left (affected) hand wants to be a fist all the time. I tuck the back end of the knitting needle in there and do the knitting with my right hand, American style. Took some getting used to as I was a lifelong Continental knitter, but at least I'm knitting. Still have trouble ribbing though.

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Do you have an OT (Occupational therapist) working at your nursing home? If not perhaps someone you work with knows one. They are the health care professionals who are most adept at creating splints and other compensatory devices and I think they would be very happy to help your patient knit again.

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