Pattern for Bleach Bottle Purse

scottymamMay 15, 2008

My friend is wanting to know if any of you know how to make the "bleach bottle purse" she remembers her grandmother making. She remembers the bottom getting cut from the bottle, and hole poked in it, then either knit or crochet up so far, a draw string for the"handle" does anyone have any suggestions for her? I don't remember them, and don't trade out purses so have not paid attention if I have seen one.

Thanks in advance!


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If you do a google, using "bleach bottle purse" +instructions
you'll find at least one site with the instructions.

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My mom did them! Cut the bleach bottle (carefully) just below the ridge where the handle ends. Use a hole punch (for paper), it will take a little effort to use, to punch evenly spaced holes. Use about a size g or h crochet hook and worsted weight yarn. Start with a row of single crochet, then I think mom used double crochet the rest of the way up, then ended with a row or two of single, or any edging you like. Make a chain for the drawstring. Weave it thru the top, just a few rows below the top.

I had forgotten all about these! Thanks for the memory.


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