Cotton sock yarn

damascusannieMay 28, 2008

It's time to knit golf socks again and I'm just curious--what are your favorite lightweight cotton sock yarns? Or other summer-type yarns for that matter. For instance, are the new bamboo, corn, etc yarns suitable for summer socks?


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If you can tolerate some wool mixed with cotton, my favorites are Knitpicks Risata and Meilenweit's Cotton Stretch. They have a bit of elastic and are easy to knit. I tried Panda Cotton and found it splitty and too thick for me. It also wasn't very stretchy despite the added elastic. However, I intend to try Kertzer On your Toes Bamboo (available from Herrschners). The bamboo is supposed to be cooler. I just finished a pair with Kraemer's Saucon, a cotton acrylic mix. The socks are soft but the yarn felt a bit stringy and inelastic while knitting. If you don't mind thick socks, Cascade Fixation and Elann's Esprit are cotton and very stretchy.

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The only lightweight cotton yarn I have used is Elann's Esprit. It is a lovely stretchy yarn, but I think it would make very uncomfortable socks. Not only thick, but the texture would make my feet hurt, I'm sure.

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I've been using Sockotta, which is a cotton/woo/nylon blend, so a bit of wool doesn't bother me. I like the idea of a yarn with a bit stretch. I've taken to knitting my own golf socks, because regular socks shift and I get creases which end up causing blisters. I want a tight-fitting sock that stays PUT! I don't want them too thick for summer, but the heavier yarns might make good winter socks for me.


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I just started a sock with TOFUtsies. It is 50% wool but has silk, cotton, and chitin - fiber from shrimp and crab shells! It's supposed to be antibacterial and so far seems like a nice comfortable yarn.

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I've seen TOFUtsie in catalogs, but haven't found it locally yet. I've always been intrigued by the shellfish content!


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I love the Socketta, and the tofutsie. I am working on brown sheep wool company's cotton for dh golf/sneaker socks (he doesn't golf!). It is seconds, but other than a bit of streaking, which I like. I am not having any problems with splitting or anything.


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