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CannaluverMay 23, 2007

Hello. I have lots of Annies Attic Bed doll patterns and There are several collections I cant find and would like to know if anyone has them and would like to trade coppies?

Hear is what I have and what I need.

1991 Antebellum (Have all)

1992 Cotillion (Have all)

1993 The Victorian Lady Centennial coll.(Have all)

1994 Gibson Girls (Have All)

1995 Turn of the Century Bridal Trousseau Coll. (Have all)

Edwardian Lady (Have all but the Bride)

Gems of the South (Have all)

The Bridal Belle Coll. (Have all)

Royal Ballgowns coll. (Have all)

Wedding Ballgowns coll (Have all)

The Golden age of Film (Have all)

Bridal Dreams Coll. (Have all)

Southern Belle Coll. (Have all)

The Gilded Age (Have Alva Vanderbilt Need the rest)

The Royal Court Coll. (Have all)

The Millennium Coll. (Have all)

First Ladies of America (Have all)

The Days of Jane Austin (Have Dinner at Netherfield, A walk at Pemberly,A Garden Stroll Need the rest)

Fairy Tale Collection (Have Goldilocks, Beauty and the Beast,Rose Red, Snow Queen, Frog Princess, Little Red Riding Hood Need the rest)

Ribbons and Lace Coll. (Have all)

Flower Garden Coll. (Have all)

Glorious Gowns Belle of the Ball (Have all)

Old South Coll. Have all but the bride)

I also have the Paradise patterns I could trade

2 - 1775 French Court Dress

4 - Princess Di's Royal Wedding Gown

6 - 1895 Afternoon Suit

7 - 1986 Duchess Wedding Gown

9 - 1850 Dickens Christmas Caroler

20 - 1848 Plantation Party Frock

23 - 1910 Ascot Dress

29 - 1875 Winter Carriage Costume

30-1956-Grace Kelly Wedding Gown

31 - 1903 Paris Opera Gown

33 - 1866 Atlanta Belle

36 - 1895 Paris Spring Fashion

40 - 1894 Riding Costume

43 - 1840 Queen Victoria's Wedding Gown

46-1897 Spring Traveling Costume

47-Princess Diana & Bridesmaids

48-Princess Diana 1981 Engagement Dress

50-1899 Mae West Stage

51-1907 Coney Island Costume

75-1830 Jeweled Engagement Gown

82-1920's Gatsby Girls

84-40 B.C. Cleopatra's Jeweled Costumes

86-1955 - 1965 Jeweled Hollywood Gowns

90-1925 Jeweled Flapper Girls

110-1907 Riverboat Belle

111-Trousseau Tea Gown

20th Century Royal Wedding Gown

2-1850 Southern Belle

Also have these from the Needlecraft shop

Abigail's Walking Suit


Corrine's Sporting Suit

Guinivere of Geneva


Leslie's Carriage Suit

Madeline of New Orleans

Megan's Wedding Gown


Promenade pattern


Also have these for barbie


Show Stoppers

jeanie outfit

yesteryear outfits

pretty in pansies

Roaring 20's

All that glitters

london stroll ken

Elizabeth Ann

Daisy Debutant

Anniversary & Birthday

Shamrock Pillow Doll

Betsy Ross

Doll-A-Month Crochet Collection

Volume One

Volume Two

Dolly Madison

Amethyst Queen


White pearl wedding gown

Wedding cake

1960 Evening Gown

victorian gowns I

victorian gowns II

Birthday Bells vol I

Birthday Bells vol II


Victorian costume gown

fit for a queen

black bows

17th Century Ball Gown

bell of the ball

Timeless fashion doll wardrobe vol1

Timeless fashion doll wardrobe vol2

Timeless fashion doll wardrobe vol3

Socialite ballgown

Garden stroll

Rendezvous by the lake

Orchard urchans

little darlin wardrobe

bitsy baby pincushion

kellys play clothes

watermellon outfit

evening outfit


barbie nursery

flower baby faries


teatime party dress

basinet and christening set

barbie nursery

little miss collection

Easter parade

Best friends

play set

Bud Babies

victorian missy

Bed Doll Babies

Victorian Missy

Playtime pals

playtime pair

The nursery

Mothers Corner

Crochet Reversible Ruffles Doll

Rose marie


victorian costume

Beaded Piniapple gowns

Royal court 1985 Annies pattern club

Jack & Jill

Hansel & Gretel.

floral motif

old fashioned star quilt

mile a minute

Afghan and pillow pairs

Hearts and bows

lacy bedspread

Rose and diamond

miniature bedding

mosaic afghan

Grandmas feather bed

Any help is Appreciated.



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Sylvia, that is quite a collection! I have a few as well. I know that I have some of the Gilded Age ones (including Alva Vanderbilt, which I see you don't need). But I'm at work, and I just can't remember which ones I have. I'd be happy to check when I get home tonight.

I also have several of the Miniature Shoe Collection, if you are interested.


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Leslie, Sure I would like to trade. Just let me know what you want and what you have. Send me an email.

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I love doing crochet, and have some crochet patterns, but as I live in Spain, it's a bit difficult to find Annie's Attic one's here.
I have some Paradise Crochet Patterns and some other things.
If you would like to trade or share crochet patterns, please, make me know.
Thank you very much


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I sent you an e-mail Maria

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Hi, I have all but alva Vanderbilt for the Gilded Age Collection. I am interested in the Ribbons and lace, Old South, Belle of the Ball, and Southern Belle. I have a few in each, but am interested in the full collections. I am making the dresses for my daughter.

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I am interested in the First Ladies Collections. I sent you an e-mail. Hope to hear from you soon!

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Hi Sylvia ! My name is Catherine and I am from Russia).
If it's interesting for you I have all parts of Paradise publication, also I have The Days of Jane Austin ( 6) , Old South Coll (Have all with bride), LADIES_OF_FASHION from the Needlecraft shop (34 paterns), and other different dress from Annie Potter. If you would like to trade I'll be happy.

I am interested in next collection which you have:

Gems of the South Collection
Royal Court Collection
Golden Age of Film Collection
Belle of the Ball Collection
Fairytale Collection
The Guilded Age Collection - if you have

So, if you still interesting we can help to each other.

P.S. Sorry for my english:-)

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