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sandra_fergusonMay 14, 2009

I'm knitting a baby blanket out of a boucle...88% acrylic, 12% nylon, and the washing instructions aren't written, but in some sort of knitting hieroglyphics, most of which I don't understand.

...the first, I get...a hand in water in a container = hand wash

the second is a triangle shape with an X through it...wha?.

the 3rd is a square box with a - in the middle of it...?

the fourth, is what appears to be an iron

It then says wash with similar colors...(doesn't one usually wash things separately by hand?)

I always like to include washing instructions with whatever I make and send, but may just have to send the pictures from the yarn packaging and let HER figure it out!

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Sandra, you have the first one correct. Second is: don't machine wash. Third: don't machine dry. The iron is for ironing instructions. It either has an X thru it or a temp setting. Yes one usually hand washes things seperately, but they're covering their butt! I like to include washing instructions also. Sometimes I send the label, sometimes I send label and written instructions!


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I may be wrong here because I have only seen these symbols a couple of times.
But I would say that the Triangled X means no bleach
and the Square with line means warm water.

I too am now curious. Anyone?

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Thank you Tami for the true meaning. I know have this info written down for the next time I do come across it. :>)

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google yarn washing/maintenance symbols. That's where I found them.

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Check this site out for what the symbols mean:

Here is a link that might be useful: symbols

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Babka NorCal 9b


I was about to go Googling when I clicked on your message with link. Thanks! I printed that out for future reference. The symbols make sense once you know what they mean, then a few years later I'm scratching my head wondering what a triangle with an X through it means. I'll keep this with my needles/hooks. Hmmm, probably should keep a copy in the laundry room too.


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Thanks a million, girls...I knew someone would know..so, hand wash, no chlorine bleach, dry flat and warm iron (I completely missed the one dot on the iron, vs two or three dots! (would you think it'd be okay to put into the washer to spin out the water = less drying time?)

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Sometimes a washer spin will distort the item, depending on the type of yarn. Something that would probably be safer would be to roll it up in one of those microfiber cloths, squeezing it as you go. Don't twist it, just squeeze the roll.

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