Stumped on Backsplash, Window Covering and Kitchen Table

chiommyNovember 6, 2009

Hi All:

I've been reading this forum for sometime now and have always been amazed at the depth of knowledge and insight exhibited by members. I need some ideas and hope you can help me. We purchased a home with a small 1970s style galley kitchen and had to redo it from scratch on a limited budget, which meant no knocking down walls. We changed the floors from linoleum to tile (don't remember the what the color is called), installed new ginger maple 42" cabinets, dakota mahogany countertops, recess lighting and SS appliances. Now to my problem, looking at the pictures:

1. I need suggestions on a backsplash? (pictures/links will be appreciated as I'm not good at colors. I have to see it to know it and visualize it.)

2. I'm tired of tiers/valance for window covering and would like other suggestions?

3. My kitchen table- Should I get rid of it completely? or cover the top with granite? or get a cabinet/island with seating area and cover it with granite?

4. Do you think I need undercabinet lighting?

TIA. I hope you can view the pictures.

P.S. I initially posted in the discussions forum but I think this might be a better forum to post.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Kitchen in progress

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Anybody out there. Suggestions please???? TIA

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I would probably post this on the discussion side of GW. It seems that side gets a little more activity.

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I hope you have answers to your questions by now. I remodeled a mobile home kitchen a few years back and used laminate flooring that looks like tile as my backsplash. Choose some of the wide format and be sure any seams are either sealed with waterproof caulk or away from constantly wetted areas. The surface of the tile is very durable but the edges will swell and disentegrate if they are often wetted.

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Thanks Johnorange. Can you post a picture of the laminate flooring you talked about? Any other options outside of this? TIA.

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Oops, so sorry to just now find your request. Here are a couple of photos of the laminate flooring used as a backsplash. Someone asked if this could be a fire hazard. I guess it could but I think it's similar in composition to formica on countertops.
In Progress:


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Thanks for all the earlier replies. I'm bumping my post to see if I can get more ideas. I still haven't made a backsplash decision and need to do so soon. Pictures will help as I'm somewhat colorblind and usually need to see to visualize it. Help from photo shoppers will also be appreciated> Thanks in advance.

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