Bowling pin crochet pattern for newbie

canine46May 24, 2008

Hello everyone!

I just started crocheting about a month ago and love it! It all started because i wanted to make a greyhound dog pattern that i had seen and taught myself to crochet to do it. I am now addicted to this wonderful craft!

I am trying to find a free pattern ( i am no way capable yet) of making up my own. I would like to make a bowling pin. I know sounds crazy but our church has a bowling league and i wanted to make these for our prizes. thought it would be something cute and not expensive to do. (ok I admit) i want to embellish them with faces and hair and whatever, ,like maybe a pin buddy- i get a bit out of control sometimes with the ideas.

Anyway if someone could help me with a pattern it would be greatly appreciated.

god bless

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Have you tried the Fiber Arts Exchange forum here at GWeb?


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