I have to learn how to make a swatch

Vickey__MNMay 12, 2009

Believe it or not I have never learned how to make a swatch to gauge my knitting. But I need to. I joined Socks for soldiers and they are REALLY picky on how their socks are made, so I need to swatch at first to see which needles I need to use to get the right gauge. So can somebody tell me how to swatch or find me directions?


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Vickey, swatching is easy, just not what we want to do, because we want to get right to the project!

Cast on about 20-30 sts. follow the pattern directions on what sts they want you to use to get gauge. For socks like that, probably stockinette st. If you are doing them in the round, it might be a good idea to do your swatch in the round. Are you using yarn and needles that you've used in the past for socks? If so, you already have your swatch, just measure 4", count the stitches in 4" and divide the total by 4. Otherwise, knit the cast on 20-30 stitches until you have at least a 4" swatch. Then measure it as above. If you have more stitches than the guage says, go up a size and try again. Less stitches, go down in needle size and try again. Did I make sense to you? Hope I helped.


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And the nice thing is that if you do have to change the needle size, no need to cast on again, just switch needles and continue. Seems obvious, I know, but not to me when I was first learning - LOL

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