Uncured Spiral Cut Ham from Trader Joe's

Teresa_MNApril 4, 2012

I was in TJ's last weekend and they were sampling their uncured spiral cut ham. One of their selling points for this product was that it was nitrate free. I tried a sample and it was delicious! Not salty at all. I ended up buying a small one to cook this weekend.

Has anyone purchased TJ's ham before? The woman told me they only have them at Easter time. Once their gone they won't have them again till next year.


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It is not easy the find ham without nitrate here.

Trader Joe's is five minutes away from me. Got to run over and get a few.

Thanks for the great tip.


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You are making me hungry! (...and TJ's is close by)

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I did not buy this ham for Easter. I actually bought it for my renter guy. He has been helping with spring clean up in the yard. I think I will cook it tomorrow in my 6 qt. Nesco roaster. That way, if I really like it I can pick up a couple to freeze.


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I cooked the ham yesterday and it was fabulous. I went back to TJ's this morning thinking I would get another ham to freeze. They were out!

I did find out that they have the nitrate free ham at Christmas as well as Easter.

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You made me do it; I have a small one in the fridge. Thanks!

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We went to the TJ's in Louisville yesterday. They still have a full display case of the uncured hams. Since I now know they don't always stock them, we bought two to freeze.
You might want to call your local TJ to see if they still have them.

They really are delicious.

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