Slip stitch at cardigan front edges??

marvelMay 11, 2007

I want to start over (my dropped stitch repair is too noticeable...rats!) on a top down baby cardigan and remembered a trick I learned from the woman who taught a class on the traditional zippered Mary Maxim sweaters. BTW, I made a Snoopy & a Bambi size 4 & 6. It wasn't in the MM instructions. She had us slip the first stitch on the center front edges making a neat, clean edge. It's been several years, and I'm wondering if any of you do that in a pattern with buttonholes, and recommend this. Please, refresh my memory if I'm mistaken and there is more to this than simply slipping the first stitch, but I'm sure that's all it was. Since I'm starting over, I'd like opinions and/or corrections if I might be forgetting? Those edges really looked nice compared to this pattern not doing that.

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I usually do this for sweaters and scarves. it does make a neat, smooth (instead of ridgey) edge. I do it like this: with yarn in front, slip 1st stitch purlwise.

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Always do this. On sweaters and scarves. Gives a wonderful edge. I know I'm repeating the previous poster, but wanted to re-emphasize how nicely this turns out.

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Thanks, I have restarted the baby sweater and you are so looks so much nicer. Thanks again, both of you.

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