Do you know why?

justlindaMay 12, 2009

Do you know that this was a real busy message board, but not any more. This is the most action around here now.

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The reason the action has slowed is because the majority of posts were folks asking for free copies of copyrighted patterns. A discussion of the lack of legality in sharing copyrighted patterns ensued, then iVillage put up the caution at the top of each page. Since folks cannot legally share copyrighted patterns, the traffic has slowed accordingly.

It's as simple as that.

(Cute graphic!)

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It also could have slowed because the weather is getting nicer, and people are out doing the necessary yard work. I am still knitting, but am also busy getting the yard in shape and the motor home ready to roll. I bet lots of others are, too. And it could be a combination of both.


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I remember other years the board slowed to a crawl in spring and summer. I guess people just get busy with other things, and making afghans, scarves and wool socks doesn't seem so appealing when the weather is nice. Also, many came to GW through the gardening forums, so they are probably out in the garden.

That said, I agree with Lindsey, things slowed considerably after the copyright blowup. I have always enjoyed this forum and check here nearly every day, but I also like for help with patterns, stitches, etc.

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your right, no one should be snarky...but no one should be accused of violating any type of laws...which is worst then being snarky... and i have absolutly nothing to feel guilty about....

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I think lots of people used to come here to talk about needlework and also to ask for help with a project. How to do a stitch, use a tool, read a pattern. Nowdays, there are so many videos available online that we don't need to rely on the slower messageboards here to get answers. But I do miss the chats about how to do things, or what would be nice to make.

I don't recall a lot of requests for patterns till the past year or two. Prior to that, the Needlework Exchange got that traffic. For some reason, they came over here.

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What's with "snark"? I'm all snarked out...ugly word.

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Babka NorCal 9b

I'm spending all my time in the garden or kitchen these days, with the needlework relegated to the evening hours while watching TV. I'm currently working on a Bernat Bamboo Scallop edged Cardigan. What is everyone else working on (when they're not into their law books)? ;-)

OTOH, the gardening forums have burst into life.


Here is a link that might be useful: Scallop Edge Cardigan Cute!

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Hello Babka.
I went and had a look at Bernat Bamboo Scallop edged Cardigan.
Wow, very nice, nice indeed.

It was such a nice day today; did yard work.
Now that I am recovering from surgery, aside from yard work, now I can finish my full length hooded robe I am knitting. Will be nice and warm for the coming winter. Knitting it in 2 strand, with a crochet edging. It is a real deep purple with cream stranded together. I am not sure yet what my next project will be. Be it an afghan; sweaters for my nieces; baby booties for my neighbor.? Humm... So many ideas running through my head. I try to keep a project going year around; it just slows a bit during the summer.

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Lots of babies coming to family and friends this summer and fall. So I am knitting for newborns and their siblings. Right now I am trying to make a BSJ in a toddler size in camouflage for the 3 year old son of the girl who grew up next door. Her DH is a Marine in the Middle East for a few more months, and then they move to much colder northeast USA.

Waiting to hear if my DD is having a girl or boy in the fall so I will know what to make. I knit and crocheted lots of stuff for her little boy. Hoping for a girl this time, but either a boy or girl is certainly wonderful. Also knitting for two of her in-laws. I need to edge some more burp cloths, knit some boy sweaters and booties, and maybe a hat. I have already knit a baby alligator scarf for one Big Brother. The Big Sister will get the bassinette purse. Want to try some new cardigan patterns for these little boys, but I have not found the pattern yet.

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On my needles right now: a Jean Greenhowe doll, a second sock, and a cabled hat. (That one can wait till the weather's cooler.) Next up: a cotton short sleeve sweater that will probably be cast on any day now.

About preferences - I still like the friendly chat-over-the-backyard-fence feeling of a forum for getting knitting answers.

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