Split System Line Set Sizing

yogi_bear_79April 14, 2011

am installing two split systems. One is 1.5T the other is 2T. Each is using an ADP Series R air handler and a Ducane condenser. The Air handlers are located in the attic, and the condensers outside. The elevation difference between the air handlers and the condensers is 11'. The 1.5T will be approximately 60' no greater than 75'. The 2T system will be approximately 50' no greater than 60'.

So if I understand correctly I have From the charts the best I can tell, I have a choice of 5/16" or 3/8" for the liquid line. With HFC-410A @ 75' the maximum liquid lift is 60', so I should be covere don either size.

For the Vapor lines I can have 5/8" or 3/4" on the 1.5t unit the 5/8" drop PSI/100FT is 3.9, and 1.4 for the 3/4". The drop is 7.2 & 2.5 for the 2t unit. In both cases the larger 3/4" line is preferedfor horizontal runs, and since only about 15% of the run is vertical I think I should be ok?

I intend on running 3/4" Suction lines and 3/8" Liquid Lines. Do these seem appropriately sized?

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CJ Mechanical of North jersey llc.

I wuld stay away from the 5/16 3/8 is the norm.
3/4 for the 2 ton and the 1.5 tons either way

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