Trane XT80 Furnaces and coils

Curtis321April 26, 2013

Trane XT80 Furnace Model Numbers have same specs (Which one will fit with my XR13 3 ton compressor). Also what BTU does each put out as I am looking for 70K to 80K BTU furnace

These Trane XT80 furnace model numbers look to have same specs :

TUD1B080A9H31B (Does the 80 relate to the BTUs?) and Cooling CFM relate to Tons as in 3 tons?

Also what evap coil (Part No) should I use with this system if I am
going to have the following:

3 ton XR13 compressor
3 ton XT80 Furnace (Either 60K BTU or 80K BTU to match 3 ton compressor)
Coils (Which model numbers would work best with this setup)

Thanks In advance

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