You knitters will love this, I promise

kittymApril 8, 2007

Here's an Easter present for you. My sisters gave me one, and we spend the day making more. No camera, but simple.

This is a pattern for a pin. On size 0 needles cast on 22-26 stitches, using yarn no larger then sock yarn, or even heavy crochet thread. Knit about 7-8 rows. We got carried away and knitted 4 rows of K2,P2 ribbing, then stocking ,did seed stitch, and even put a cable in middle of one. Do not want the length more then 1/2-3/4 inch. Now transfer stitches to two toothpicks, half on each...getting the idea now??? these will look like knitting needles. Glue a glass bead, or sister had some very tiny wooden bead, onto the end of each toothpick, a drop of glue where the needles(toothpicks) cross, and glue apin clasp on the back. These are as cute as can be. If doing a ribbing or cable, it shows best on a one colored yarn. Try different yarns and stitches. Takes about 10-15 after your first one. For the cable stitch, used a third toothpick to hold stitches. Have fun.

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How cute!

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I have seen these on sale at shows. They range between $4.00/6.00 each. I've also seen them on trees around Christmas along with those little baskets filled with yarn bits and the "toothpick needles" tucked in. Looks very cute when on display on a table of handknit items. They are easy to make but you should use the round toothpicks vice the flat ones for a more natural look.

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Has anyone made these that can post a picture?? tia sandie

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I'm with you, tia sandie. I could use a picture, too. Have you made any, budster, to send a photo?

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No I have not made any sorry. Budster

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I have made these as card decorations. I DO have a pic but it is on my other pc. When I get to it I can post it.
They are really cute.

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